Secret Service officers told at least one source that she began yelling, screaming obscenities, and pounding furniture. She picked up objects and threw them at attendants and staff.   Am…


Happily ever after, well, for a little while at least. #AdultRomance #RomanceThriller

Rising from the Ashes is the first novel in a new trilogy by author Marchela Wells. The story begins with a violent gang assault for a sixteen-year-old high school sophomore cheerleader. Her childhood dreams of love, romance and happily ever after destroyed one cold December night at a away-football game.

Christina McIntyre finds her life laying in ashes at her feet. Impregnated during the assault she descends into a deep depression. Her nights are filled with nightmare memories of the assault. Her days are filled with the embarrassment of her stomach expanding and other girls laughing behind her back.

She shortens her name to Tina, knowing that there is little in life left for her to hope for. She changes schools, gives the baby girl up for adoption and struggles to set what remains of her life on auto-pilot. Graduating from college, second in her class, she finds work as an Executive Assistant. Several jobs later she lands a coveted job with one of Houston’s largest Real Estate firms. Tragedy continues to dog her heels, when news is received of her parents death in a tragic plane accident.

Orphaned, alone, no relatives to look to, she moves into a beautiful high-rise pent-house and hires a housekeeper and bodyguard. Four years later, at age thirty-three her dreams are filled with longing for the companionship that a prince charming might bring. But there is no one at her work, or other places that she visits which offer any solace.

One day, her boss takes her along on a business luncheon. The man that she meets that day sparks an unknown feeling in her heart and sends her body into a wild tailspin.

YouTube promo         Rising from the Ashes

Marchela Wells novels      Read professional reviews of the novel, as well as sample several chapters.   The novel is available in ebook; soft-cover or hard-back.

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Coming soon: the exciting erotic follow-on novel in this series: My Daughter in Ashes.


A woman’s life after an assault #adultRomance #contemporaryWomensFiction

At age sixteen, Christina has her whole life ahead of her. As a sophomore in High School she’s popular with all the students. She made Cheer Leading squad this year and has been super excited to attend all of the football team games this year. Especially the away games. Those have given her an opportunity to visit various towns around the state as the team struggles to win the State Championship.

But, then, one cold December night her life is destroyed. It was one of the last games of the season and everyone was pumped for a great victory. She celebrated in advance of the long bus trip, drinking three large glasses of tea, and drank a coke on the bus while they were riding to the out-of-state opponents school.

All was going great until the third quarter. That’s when it happened. Her bladder demanded immediate attention. Unfamiliar with the layout of the stadium, she wanders down a wrong hallway. Discovering her error, she finally locates the away team restrooms and enters.

Seventeen years later she still struggles with the nightmares of that night. Avoiding men at all costs have allowed her to keep her sanity and provided peace during the daytime hours. But her dreams have lately become invaded by other thoughts and desires. The wistful hope for a family, close friends, perhaps even a husband who could love her. But those are not to be. But the thoughts persist, until one day, a man walks into her life that she cannot ignore. He brings the one weapon that will break down all of the barriers that she has built up for nearly two decades. From the moment the two meet, sparks fly and Christina is captured in the bonds of love.

But there are other men who now pursue her. Those men who she had met that December night so long ago. They do not bring love. They only bring hate and a desire for revenge.

My new novel: Rising from the Ashes is available in ebook; soft-cover; or hardback at my  website here.  Xlibris.com



My Daughter in Ashes #eroticRomance #mustreads

Be on the look-out for the second novel in my ‘Ashes’ trilogy. It’s scheduled for release shortly.

My Daughter in Ashes is the story of a young girl who makes ALL of the wrong choices. She desperately wants to be one of the ‘in-crowd’. You know, be pretty, have a boy-friend. Oh, that last bit about a boy-friend. No luck there. Her entire junior and senior high years have been a desert waste land. She attended a Junior college in high hopes of improving on that score. No such luck.

Now, she’s a Junior at a four-year college and determined to resolve the problem. She decides to join a sorority. Her bids at the first two are failures. But this time, she resolves that NOTHING will stop her. She will say or DO anything to gain entry. It’s her last hope for getting that mystical boy-friend. But when she attends the Final Exam Test what she discovers is something that could not possibly be true.

But, no matter. She has resolved so she must go through with the test. Find out what she’s required to do and what happens to her life as a result of this fateful decision.

In the meantime, if you haven’t read the first in this trilogy here’s a link to my web-site where you can obtain the first novel: Rising from the Ashes.

ebook: $3.99;  soft-cover: $19.99;  hardback: $29.99

Marchela Wells books


Why I love 50 Shades of Grey #adultromance #mustreads

I have read the trilogy of 50 Shades 12 times, as well as the follow on novel Grey 3 times. So I consider myself one who knows a ‘little’ bit about this wonderful story.

I was first introduced to the story by way of the BluRay movie. My wife purchased and brought home the movie last summer. I had NEVER heard of it or read the first novel. My grandson took a girlfriend to see the show and came away believing it to be a porno movie. When he told that to my wife she immediately took the movie back to the store.

I decided to do a little checking and finding that the movie had made over $500 million dollars and the book had sold over 125 million copies I said to myself: ‘This CAN NOT be a pornographic story. Women read this stuff and it that were true, surely not that many women would have read this story.

I downloaded the movie on my computer and began watching. To my surprise what did I find? A Love-at-First Sight story of tremendous feeling and passion. I stopped the movie, called my wife (of 46 years) up to sit beside me and started the show again from the beginning. She was fascinated. In fact when the movie ended she told me that it was one of the best shows she had ever seen. Very realistic and was NOT a porno movie.

I purchased the three novels: 50 Shades of Grey; 50 Shades – Darker; 50 Shades – Freed. I have read all of them twelve times over the past year. They provide a message of hope and happiness for young women everywhere. Men can be beasts, that is true and is a central theme behind Christians’ character. But with love and strength of will, a woman can draw the beast out of the man, and replace it with desire and trust, and the need to treasure the woman in a his life. I experience that daily from my own wife. NO, we’re not into BDSM or anything like that. We love and trust each other, break each other’s heart often with simple mistakes and unfeeling attitudes. But in the end, we love each other and would not wish to have married anyone else in the world. Just as Christian and Ana discover during their journey.

My own novels attempt to project that same kind of feeling.

Rising from the Ashes

and be sure and look for my next novel to be published soon: My Daughter in Ashes.


The Billionaire’s Romance #mustreads #AdultRomance

A few months ago I ran across a story by Lily Zante titled: The Billionaire’s Romance. It is published on Amazon in a series of 3 sets of 3 novels each. The story is about a young woman, Savannah Page, and her son Jacob.

Savannah is divorced from a man who was abusive and violent towards her. She has fled from that relationship and moved, first to her parents home, then to an Aunt, finally to NYC in an attempt to find a better life for herself.

A chance encounter at Christmas time by her son Jacob with Tobias Stone at an event for disadvantaged children opens up a new world of opportunities and a chance for healing and love.

Tobias is rich beyond dreams, but suffering from the loss of his own wife years before and is searching for something or someone who can fill the void in his heart. In a touching scene at the opening of the story, Tobias sees Jacob outside the store looking in at the wonderful toys. In Jacob, Tobias sees himself when he was  young and had little at Christmas. Inviting the child inside and offering him a toy of his choice forms the basis for a relationship that offers healing to his own heart.

I highly recommend this series of novels to all readers who want to read a great love story.

The first set of 3 novels, The Gift, is available as a Kindle download from Amazon.com. The characters are introduced  as Savannah takes a job at Stone Enterprises which leads her to a friendship with the owner and an enemy in his PA. Small steps towards love are taken, only to be horribly disrupted by a terrible misunderstanding.

The Gift

The second set in this series, The Offer, is also available as a Kindle download. Tobias must struggle to redeem himself for his mistake and somehow convince Savannah that she can trust him. This is no small order as Tobias must humble himself if he is ever to win her heart. All the while Tobias must deal with relationships within his own company and dealings with businesses in Hong Kong and California.

The Offer

The third and final set, The Vow, concludes this wonderful and thrilling romance. Savannah’s x-husband nearly destroys the bonds between the two and Tobias must prove that he is able to protect not only Savannah, but her small son Jacob. In the end Tobias discovers that the very people he trusted most are the ones who can do the worst damage.

The Vow

The story is so gripping and real that I only wish that that this collection was available in print format. I would dearly love to add it to my collection and would be proud to have it displayed on my library shelf. I can guarantee that you will not be disappointed and will treasure this story in your heart of hearts.

Writing a Romance novel #AdultRomance #writing


Many years ago my wife purchased the complete VHS set of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice staring Jennifer Ehle and Colin Firth as a Christmas gift. I was busy and was unfamiliar with this story. The videos sat on my bookshelf, unopened and unwatched.

One day, about six months later, I decided to take the plunge and extracted the first video from its case. I shoved it into my VHS player and sat back prepared to be bored. From the opening credits I was captivated. I love historical romance, you see, and this is a period piece set in roughly the year 1811/1812. I vaguely recall reading Sense and Sensibility when I was in college but this one had escaped my notice.

Day after day for the next several months I watched the videos over and over. I absorbed every frame. Finally the VHS tapes began to wear out. I decided to purchase a DVD player and ordered the DVD from Amazon.com, rush delivery. The video quality was much improved. I continued to watch the videos over and over. I think that I drove my wife mad. When the Blu-Ray edition came out I ordered that, and was pleased that the video quality was even improved over the DVD.

After hundreds of views, I then purchased all of the other movies that had been made of Jane Austen novels. I created and wrote a number of short stories based on ‘missing scenes’ from P&P and posted them to a web-site Pemberly.com.  Other people, mostly women and young girls also wrote stories and posted them there. Many of those stories are wonderful creations by imaginative authors.

Last  year, after having been retired for several years I decided to create my own Romance novel and that is how Rising from the Ashes by pen-name Marchela Wells was created.

I hop that you read and enjoy my story. Here’s a link to a video promo: YouTube video: Rising from the Ashes

Here’s a link to my novel: Amazon.com

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thank you for your time.



Can a woman recover from a brutal assault? #adultRomance #goodreads

A young sophomore cheerleader is assaulted at an away football game. The resulting trauma causes her to avoid dating and men completely for decades. She abandons her Faith, and struggles to maintain her sanity and survive. Finally, during her junior year in college she sets her sights on entering the business world. Graduating 2nd in her class she soon embarks on a successful career as an Executive Assistant for several large Real Estate companies around the city of Houston, Texas.

When she sets her sights on a promotion to Vice President she is given an assignment that leads her discovering a path to the joy and happiness that she had yearned for as a child. But danger looms from her past, colliding with those dreams. Over the years she has prepared for such but will they be enough?

here’s a YouTube promo: Rising from the Ashes video

Here’s my website where you can read several different professional reviews, as well as a several chapter excerpt.

Marchela Wells books

If you enjoy the story, don’t forget to go to Amazon.com and post a Reader’s Review. That’s how aspiring authors get noticed. The more reviews the better.

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Surviving an sexual assault#kindle #eroticRomance

Christina is a sixteen-year-old sophomore in High School. She is brilliant, studies hard and is popular with the other girls. Her dreams for the future include love, happiness, a nice husband, and maybe children, if she’s lucky. She is a member of the HS cheerleader squad and, as such, gets to attend all of the football games, at home and away.

One cold December night, at an away game she is brutally assaulted by three boys. That assault destroys all of her hopes and dreams for the future. She looses her faith in God; avoids and is repulsed by any boy, and later men, who attempt to befriend and take her on dates. It takes years of counseling to help overcome her fears.

That is, until one day, seventeen years later when she has to be a tag-along with her boss on a business luncheon with the construction manager of the new home office tower her company is having built. That meeting sets off a string of events that will provide her not only with everything that she has ever dreamed of having, but also put her in the sights of the three boys, now men, who return with their minds set on her destruction.

She will have to use every tool at her disposal to keep the new man in her life, and avoid certain death at the hands of her arch-enemies.

Here’s a YouTube promo to wet  your interest: Rising from the Ashes

Here’s a link to my website where the novel is available in either ebook; soft-cover, or hardback: You will find a link to some preview text as well as professional reviews.


Here’s a link to one such professional review:

San Francisco Book Review

Searching for Love #kindle #Romance

Tina McIntyre’s search for happiness is long and unrewarding. Most girls find the man who fills their life with the joy when they are in their late teens or early twenties. Tina found violence and pain at age 16.

For seventeen years she hides from life behind a facade of school and work. By age 29 she lands a high-paying and important job as an Executive Assistant for a VP at Tilden Industries in Houston. Her boss is considerate and makes every effort to be a mentor and friend. When her parents die in a plane crash, he shields her tears from co-workers. He gives her difficult and important assignments that might help her to advance within the company.

Tina’s most important task to-date is handling nearly every detail of a new contract that her company is bidding on. She works hard and irons out nearly every detail. at the last minute, with the possibility of winning the contract the owners of the company assign her boss the task of locating 100 employees to handle the contract, in a new company office tower which is under construction.

She has less than two hours to complete the details. Frustrated and anxious she obtains the blueprints for the tower and struggles to make the changes. But will her work be accepted? Is she able to come up with a plan that the company will accept? If so, her name could be first in line for the new VP slot opening up to run this new division.

She only has to convince some construction manager she has never met over a business luncheon that same day. But when the two meet, the plans for the tower are no longer important. She is flustered and confused from the moment he appears. His eyes hold her spellbound. His touch sends her senses reeling. Tina’s one and only thought is to feel his lips pressed against hers. Will she make it through the meeting and succeed in her efforts? Or will the men who assaulted her 17 years before, tear her life apart before she finds love.

find out in this exciting new Romance-Thriller”

Rising from the Ashes – YouTube promo

Available in ebook (Kindle/Nook/PDF) soft-cover or hardback from these fine retailers.

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