Not just another love story #Romance with sex #mustreads #eroticRomance

Bored with the run of the mill love story filled with weak women with large breasts and little else to recommend them? Then this novel is what you’ve been looking for. A strong female lead determined to live her life, no matter the challenges which come her way.

Rising from the Ashes by Marchela Wells, published by Xlibris.

The story opens with a vicious assault on the sixteen year old cheerleader. Christina McIntyre. The assault leaves her devastated; she considers that her dreams of happiness and love have been destroyed forever. She receives a twenty million dollar civil settlement from the school and parents of the boys. But she is unable to use the money. To Tina it would be like accepting money for being a whore.

Fast forward seventeen years, Christina has shortened her name to Tina, unable to look at herself as a whole woman. She builds a cocoon around herself. A luxury apartment in a Houston high-rise; a housekeeper and a personal bodyguard to keep her home clean and protect her on the rare occasions that  she goes on dates.

Fearing that she might someday suffer the same debasement again, she arms herself with a pistol and takes extensive self-defense classes. She considers herself ready for anything that a man can come at her with. One day, however, a man appears who brings with him a weapon against which she has no defense. When their eyes meet, all of her defenses begin to fall away. The walls that she has so carefully constructed crumble and she falls hopelessly under his spell.

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Unfortunately for Tina, the three boys, now grown convicted rapists, are freed from prison and track her down seeking vengeance for her testimony against them. Somehow Tina must learn how to survive and fight back against them. Car-bombs; wild car-chases; an exotic wedding and honeymoon; assassination attempts culminating in a scene in which Tina must make a desperate choice which might lead to the death of herself as well as the man in her life.

Xlibris                         my publisher. click on the Free Preview tab.           click on the ‘look inside’ for the Prologue and first 3+ chapters.

Barnes & Noble      click on the Read Sample for preview.

Be on the lookout for the second novel in this trilogy: My Daughter in Ashes. Coming soon.






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