A girl’s life is destroyed by a brutal assault.

An exciting first novel in a trilogy from the pen of Marchela Wells.

Rising from the Ashes is the story of a brutal attack by three young boys on a sixteen-year old girl named Christina that leaves her devastated and afraid of men. Time passes. The girl’s instinctive fear of men dooms her to a life of loneliness and  isolation. She dates rarely, and then never without her constant bodyguard and companion stationed nearby with a gun to come to her aid. She reduces her name to Tina, no longer able to remember a time when her life was whole.

Seventeen years later she has struggled and worked her way up in the business world of Houston, Texas. Her exclusive apartment, hidden away atop an exclusive high-rise in downtown Houston is filled with nice things, a housekeeper and her bodyguard. Her purse, always close by her side, contains her gun. Tina has taken extensive lessons in self-defense and does target practice routinely every month. She is prepared for everything a man might come at her with except the one thing that she defenseless against.

One day a man comes into her life who is able to disarm all of the walls that she has built up to protect herself. He does this with a simple look into her eyes. All of her decades long fear of men seem to dissolve and melt away. He brings her the one thing that she is defenseless against – love.

At the same time, the three boys, now grown men, who had raped her return to torture and take vengeance on her for their time in prison. Erotic love scenes; edge of the seat car chases; an exotic marriage and honeymoon. The heroine struggles to live a normal life with her newly found love as assassination attempts are made on her life. The story ends in the kidnapping of her husband and she is the only one who can save his life. Will she be fearless enough to take a risk which might prove fatal to the both of them?

Find out from these fine retailers:

Xlibris                     click on the tab ‘Free Preview’ for a look at the Prologue.

Amazon.com         click on the ‘Look Inside’ above the cover photo for a preview.

Barnes & Noble     click on the ‘Read Sample’ for the preview.

Also, lookout for the second novel in this series: My Daughter in Ashes coming soon.


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