Rising From The Ashes

This is the title of a thrilling new  romance novel by Marchela Wells.

Seventeen years after three boys assault and brutally rape a sixteen year old high school cheerleader she meets a man and falls in love with him. Love has never been a part of her life. After she recovered from the assault she avoids men as much as possible. Rarely dating, never going to a restroom alone, hiring a female bodyguard to protect her from harm. She learns self-defense tactics, and purchases a firearm which she carries with her at all times.

She finds success at work, quickly advancing up the office ladder as an assistant to several real-estate firms Vice-Presidents. She looses her parents in a tragic airplane crash. Her parents had sued and she had been awarded twenty-million dollars from the assault. Her parents’ deaths brought her an additional thirty-million dollars. But she is unable to utilize the money because it is tainted.  The first money because to use it was like using trick money for being a whore. The second was blood money for the death of her parents. The money sits, languishing, in the bank, gaining interests from investments, but unused and seemingly abandoned.

At the same time that love arrives in her life, the men who had assaulted her return to take their vengeance on her for sending them to prison for seventeen years. The men make several assassination attempts on her. In the end she is forced to face them and take actions that will permanently free her life from their torment.



Barnes & Noble

Use any of the above links to read of a preview of this exciting new story. Thrill to the joy of love, and the terror of car-bombs and assassinations attempts.

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