Rising from the Ashes

Are you looking for a good read? Then this brand new novel is a great choice from the keyboard of Marchela Wells.

Set in modern day Houston, Texas, the heroine is a young woman, age 33. Her life was broken by a brutal rape when she was age sixteen. As she climbs the corporate ladder she is afraid of and avoids entanglements with men at all costs. One day, on her way to a business lunch, her world is shaken apart when a building construction supervisor climbs into the truck she is riding in and sets her emotions on fire.

She has never known love and is immediately overcome with desire and an overpowering need to feel his touch and perhaps even go so far as to kiss his lips. She suffers through the entire lunch with continual upsets to her emotions as he touches her hand and tugs at her heartstrings.

Just as these two lovers are set to embark on the ‘happily ever-after’ part of life, car bombs, building explosions, car chases and assassination attempts on her life continually interrupt their lives. Who could be causing these frightful events? Will they survive and live to have a family of their own? Or will these events lead to a tragic ending.

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