New Adult Romance -Rising from the Ashes

Just published by Xlibris, the new novel by Marchela Wells, Rising from the Ashes springs from the pages into your heart as Christina, damaged by an assault when she was a teenager, loses her faith in God and men. As the years pass by her feelings of revulsion toward men soften. Until one day, a man appears who awakens love and desire from within.

She has lost her pride, her feeling of safety and finally her parents in a horrible plane crash. Each event has led to her gaining vast wealth which she is unable to touch. The money sits abandoned and unusable. Cliff must show her the way back to love and how she can regain her spiritual faith.

At the same time, the boys, now men, return to take their vengeance on her for her testimony which had sent them to long prison terms. James Payne, their leader will stop at nothing to assuage his hatred. Car-bombs, car-chases, assassination attempts and kidnapping all lead to a thrilling conclusion where Christina must find within herself the strength to save her husband’s life.


Barnes & Noble

if you go to the Amazon link and click on the ‘look inside’ link above the photo of the book it takes you to chapter 1. If you scroll up on that page you will see the prologue just above.
This option lets you read the prologue and 1st 3+ chapters. in the final print form. From there you may decide to go ahead and purchase the novel in whichever format you desire.

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