Looking for a good Adult Romance novel?

Look no further that the new release for Xlibris: Rising from the Ashes by Marchela Wells.

This, edge of your seat thriller, is set in modern day Houston, Texas amid the booming real-estate and construction industries. Tina McIntyre accompanies her boss on a routine business luncheon, which turns out to be anything but that.  Tina has avoided men at all costs for seventeen years because of an assault when she was only age sixteen.

On this day she comes face to face with a man who literally sets her emotions on fire. From the very moment they meet each other, fireworks explode inside Tina as she falls head over heels for the handsome construction supervisor, Clifford Stinson. Barely able to make it through the lunch date without falling into his arms, she survives for another two days before he surprises her with a marriage proposal on their very first date.

The three boys, now men, who had been the ones to assault her all those years before, suddenly appear, intent on taking their revenge on her for her testimony which sent them to long prison terms.  Car-bombs, car-chases, gun battles, all ending in the kidnapping of her new husband leave Tina with only one choice.

Be the first to read the thrilling climax of this first novel in a new trilogy series from the keyboard of Marchela Wells. Available at these fine book sellers among many others.



Barnes & Noble

if you choose the Amazon link and click on the ‘look inside’ link above the photo of the book it takes you to chapter 1. If you click on the right arrow => on the right side of the page, you will see the prologue. This option lets you read the prologue and 1st 3+ chapters. in the final print form. From there you may decide whether to purchase the novel in whichever format you desire.


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