Feeling bored? – want some excitement?

For those of you hanging around the house or office, twiddling your thumbs, bored to tears and have nothing to do -here’s a tip.

Pick up the new Adult Romance novel Rising from the Ashes by Marchela Wells. This story is set against the backdrop of the exciting and dynamic city of Houston, Texas. It’s the story of a young woman, Tina McIntyre, who attends a business lunch with her boss. Pulling into the work-site of a new office tower under construction, the construction manager, Clifford Stinson, appears in front of her. The two fall in love with each other at first sight.

The lunch hour proves to be extremely challenging for Tina, who has never known love in her life. Each touch between the two generates sparks of electricity which break down all of the barriers she has built up over the years to protect herself from men. Clifford uses every opportunity available to touch and hold her hand, show her that he is interested, and finally to invite her to a dinner a few days later.

Unfortunately, those barriers were the result of a brutal assault she endured at age sixteen. The men who had done that return almost at the same time hell-bent on taking revenge on her for her testimony which had sent them to long prison terms.

Car-bombs, weddings, car-chases, exotic honeymoons, gun battles, normal everyday life — all compete with each other. All building to a thrilling climax where Tina has to make a choice which might save the life of her new husband from certain death.


Barnes & Noble


if you go to the Amazon link and click on the ‘Look inside’ link above the photo of the book it takes you to chapter 1. If you scroll up on that page you will see the prologue just above.

This option lets you read the prologue and 1st 3+ chapters. in the final print form. From there you may decide whether to purchase the novel in whichever format you desire.




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