Local Houston, Texas author publishes novel

Local Houston, Texas author, Marchela Wells, publishes her first novel Rising from the Ashes.

The novel is a spellbinding Adult Romance/Thriller set amid he backdrop of exciting Houston, Texas scenes.

There novel is full of love at first sight tenderness; weddings, honeymoon and daily life. There is also drama as the heroine is pursued by three men desperate to take revenge on her for her testimony which had sent them to long prison terms. Car-bombs, car-chases, assassination attempts and gun battles climaxing in a dramatic scene as she must find some method to rescue her husband from certain death.

Be the first to own and read this thrilling modern day adult love story with steamy sex and frightening and desperate actions taken by the three men and discover what they did to her in her early years.

Available from these fine retailers:


Barnes & Noble



choose any of the above links to enjoy a preview of the tender love and terrifying scenes as a woman fights for her life and love.

I am preparing a sequel to this story. My Daughter in Ashes

this is the story of a young girl who assumes the identity of the child born in the previous book. She falls in with the wrong crowd and her life descends into a web of lies, deceit and brutality.


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