New romance novel set in Houston, TX

Be the first to read the new adult romance novel Rising from the Ashes which is set in Houston, Texas from the local author Marchela Wells.

Tina McIntyre falls head over heels in love at first sight with local construction supervisor Clifford Stinson. Their love story is set against the dynamic backdrop of the vast city of Houston, Texas. As their love develops Tina is suddenly pursued by three criminals from her past who had assaulted her when she was age 16.

Their return is announced by a car-bomb and a hidden bomb in the building where she works. Cliff and Tina escape that but there are car-chases, gun battles and assassination attempts amid her efforts to carry on a normal life. Her marriage, honeymoon and finally a big promotion at work build to a thrilling climax wherein she must face the challenge of rescuing her kidnapped husband by utilization of an unusual trick.

The new novel is available from these fine retailers:


Barnes & Noble

if you go to the Amazon link and click on the ‘look inside’ link above the photo of the book it takes you to chapter 1. If you scroll up on that page you will see the prologue just above chapter 1.

This option lets you read the prologue and 1st 3+ chapters. in the final print form. From there you may decide whether to purchase the novel in whichever format you desire.

I am currently working on a sequel to that story. My Daughter in Ashes

this will be the story of a young girl who assumes the identity of the child born in the previous book. She falls in with the wrong crowd and her life descends into a web of lies, deceit and brutality, before she is rescued and struggles to recover and find redemption.




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