Rising From The Ashes


This is the title of a thrilling new novel by Marchela Wells.

Seventeen years after three boys assault and brutally rape a sixteen year old high school cheerleader she meets a man and instantly falls in love with him. Love has never been a part of her life. After she recovered from the assault she avoids men as much as possible. Rarely dating, never going to a restroom alone, hiring a female bodyguard to protect her from harm. She learns self-defense tactics, and purchases a firearm which she carries with her at all times.

She finds success at work, quickly advancing up the office ladder as an assistant to several real-estate firms Vice-Presidents. She looses her parents in a tragic airplane crash. Her parents had sued and she had been awarded twenty-million dollars from the assault. Her parents’ deaths brought her an additional thirty-million dollars. But she is unable to…

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