Do you believe in love at first sight?

I certainly do because that is how my wife and I met 46 years ago. And that is what inspired me to write my first novel: Rising from the Ashes.

Tina McIntyre was assaulted as a teenager. For seventeen years she avoids men at all costs fearing that they are all out to take what they want and leave her alone and broken.

One day, her boss invites her to go to a business luncheon along with the construction manager of a new office tower the company is having built. From the very fist moment Tina realizes that there is something different about this man. Something that she does not understand or comprehend. Her emotions are overwhelmed by the simple touch of his hand on hers. Her body is overcome with strange feelings and an overwhelming desire to crawl across the table and kiss the lips of this complete stranger.

Find out what happens when the two go on a dinner date three days later. And also find out who and why someone sets off a car-bomb at the tower and another one in the building where she is working.

This is a love filled, action packed thriller as Tina struggles to maintain a normal life at the same time three killers involve them in car-chases, assassination attempts and finally a kidnapping. She must choose between her life of luxury or become penniless and dependent in order to cement that love,  and then make a choice that might lead to her own death as well as her new found love.

Be the first to read the new novel by Marcella Wells: Rising from the Ashes from these fine retailers.

Xlibris         my publisher

Barnes and Noble

if you choose the Amazon link and click on the ‘look inside’ link above the photo of the book it takes you to chapter 1. If you click on the right arrow è on the right side of the page, you will see the prologue. This option lets you read the prologue and 1st 3+ chapters. in the final print form. From there you may decide whether to purchase the novel in whichever format you desire.



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