Car bombs; gun battles; kidnapping


If those kind of things float your boat then you will really enjoy the new romance/thriller Rising from the Ashes from the keyboard of Marchela Wells.

Tina McIntyre was gang-raped by three boys when she was age 16. She is now age 33 and the three men now return to take their vengeance on her just as she finds the love of her life. As she falls deeply in love with Clifford Stinson, men begin their attempts on her life by attempting to kill her with a car bomb and then a hidden bomb in her building. Failing that they try to ambush her during a violent car chase.

There is love-at-first-sight; a wedding, an exotic honeymoon, and a normal life to live as the criminals close in on her. Will she survive? There are car chases, car crashes and assassination attempts ending in the kidnapping of her new husband…

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