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“My fingers were trembling as they touched the door handle. This is it, no turning back. If I open this door I will have chosen my future. What if he refuses me? How will I ever live down the shame of that rejection?

I slowly turned the knob and opened the door to the shower room quietly and stood, watching for a few seconds, as Cliff struggled to try to wash himself. Blood pounded in my ears and my legs felt weak. I closed and locked the door behind me, my eyes never leaving his back.

He was facing away from me and did not hear the door open or close over the noise of the shower. I watched as he tried to get the shower gel out of the bottle, onto his mostly lifeless hand and then back onto his good hand to rub his chest. My heart pounded…

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Rising from the Ashes – girl’s life destroyed by assault #erotic romance #love at first sight #mustreads

This time I felt a desperate need that I had suppressed for seventeen years bursting like a dam. I needed to show Cliff how very much I loved and wanted him in my life.


What was her secret and why had Tina suppressed this for seventeen years? What had brought them to the forefront of her life? Why would she now surrender her fortune and all of her possessions to a man she’s has known only two weeks? What secret from her past was to arrive with the sole mission to tear these two lovers apart?

Experience the overwhelming happiness of love and the terror of men trying to murder her at the same time. From somewhere within her she would be forced to find a resolution to both. That solution might ultimately cost the both of them the love that they had only just found.

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Erotic Adult love story #Romance with sex #Romance novel #Erotic story

My name is Tina McIntyre, for seventeen years of my life I have gone by this name rather than the name my parents gave me: Christina. Why? Because I was assaulted when I was sixteen-years-old by three boys.

They ruined my life. Damaged me so badly that for all of those past years I have hidden in my high-rise penthouse. Guarded by my  trusted friend, driver and bodyguard Charlotte. My apartment kept clean and fresh, delicious meals prepared by my other friend Marianne.

That’s right. Only two friends in the entire world. My parents, dead, my life of loneliness is only broken up daily as I go to work at one of Houston, Texas large real-estate firms.  My boss, Larry, helps me hide my fears and daily tears from the staff.

Today, I need to accompany Larry as we take the construction manager for the company building our new office tower. I’m so hoping that I can use this meeting to gain a promotion. I’ve worked very hard at my job. This business lunch will provide me an opportunity to, hopefully, put me in line for the new VP/Division Head for a new department the company is planning. I want it very bad. It might allow me to meet and mingle with some of the unmarried men who rule our company. Perhaps I might find someone there who can help me repair my damaged life and bring love and happiness to my broken soul.

I think Larry said the guys name was Cliff, or something. I wonder what he’ll be like? I need to study the building plans. Perhaps I can offer something that will gain me that promotion.

Find out what happens to Tina when she meets Cliff in the exciting new Romance/Thriller Rising from the Ashes by Marchela Wells.

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Find out what happens next when the three boys, now men, are released from prison and target her for revenge and murder.

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How to find love

Tina McIntyre found love only after having her entire world destroyed. Then, after having found love gave everything that she owned and possessed away.

How was her world destroyed?

I was born Christina Laura McIntyre, but that was a name that belonged to another person in another time. Now, it’s Tina, because Tina would never allow those boys or even men to violate her that way again. Christina did fight back, but lost the struggle that terrible night seventeen years ago. Tina was born when Christina died. Do I remember that night? There is not even one second of that terrible night that I can ever forget.

Why did she give everything away that she owned and possessed?

Realization dawned on me at last that in my own life I must surrender everything to him. I must lay myself bare at his feet. My livelihood, my fortune, my possessions. They meant nothing to me. I must give everything up in my present life in order to salvage my future one. I must depend on him for the food that I eat, the clothes that I wear, my safety and my very life.

Nothing less would be sufficient to demonstrate how deeply that I loved him, trusted him, and wanted and needed to share his life. This would be the price I must pay to redeem myself. Nothing less than total surrender, body and soul. I would strip myself naked of everything in my life and lay it at his feet.

What happened that terrible night?    Find out in the Prologue

What did Tina possess that she gave away? Discover the secrets of her life and the man she loves between the thrilling covers of the erotic new Romance/Thriller: Rising from the Ashses by Marchela Wells.



Erotic tale of girl’s assault and recovery #EroticRomance

Christina McIntyre is a sixteen year old cheerleader. One Friday night at an away game she is viciously assaulted by three young men. She reduces her name to Tina and for the next seventeen years she is desperately afraid of men. Refuses dates. Hides herself away in an expensive high rise penthouse. Learns self-defense tactics, hires a bodyguard and owns a .38 pistol and CHL.

She is ready for all comers. There is nothing that will break through her solid wall of defense. Until one day she goes on a business lunch with her boss. The man she meets brings the only weapon for which she has prepared no defense. All of the barriers she has built are useless. Her weapon, hidden inside her purse contains no bullet that will disarm his assault. All of her training and skills have no value in it’s path.

With what weapon has he armed himself? What could he possibly use to cause this lady to surrender everything that she has and owns to him? Why, it’s the tender look in his eyes, his soft voice, and his delicious smell. It’s love-at-first-sight for the two.

But there is another part of this Romance which invades their lives almost from the first moment. The three boys, now men, have served long prison terms due to her testimony against them. They are released from prison and seek vengeance on Tina and her new found love. Car-bombs; terrifying car-chases; gun-battles; nothing is too much in their desperate desire to use their pent-up hatred for her to destroy her and everything she cares for.

This new Romance/Thriller Rising from the Ashes by Marchela Wells is a spellbinding, edge of your seat, love filled, novel that will keep you wont be able to put down. (Oh, did I mention steamy sex scenes? Yeah, those too.)

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A boring life transformed by love

My life had become boring. Rising from my bed at the same time every day. Eating with my staff, dressing, and going to the same old job. Returning to my apartment, eating, showering and getting ready for bed. Day in, day out, a routine that was unsatisfying and left me feeling empty.


Meanwhile I directed Cliff to his room and turned on the shower, and lay out his night clothes on the bed. Then I helped him set out the shower gel, toiletries and towels. I was nervous and my hand was trembling. ‘Can I do it? Can I be that brave? I felt weak, and my knees almost buckled at the thought of what I was about to do.’


My fingers were trembling as they touched the door handle. This is it, no turning back. If I open this door I will have chosen my future. What if he refuses me? How will I ever live down the shame of that rejection?

I slowly turned the knob and opened the door to the shower room quietly and stood, watching for a few seconds, as Cliff struggled to try to wash himself. Blood pounded in my ears and my legs felt weak. I closed and locked the door behind me, my eyes never leaving his back.


He must have sensed my entry behind him because he quickly turned to face me. There was a brief look of shock on his face at first, his eyes taking in the fact that I was now completely nude. His eyes then lifted to mine, his thoughts were hidden from me. At first he seemed afraid but then his eyes softened, became gentle and more loving. I think that he was more afraid for me than himself. His eyes looked deeply into mine, asking the question before speaking.


Those are just a few samples from the life of Tina McIntyre. A young executive assistant for a large Houston, Texas real-estate firm. But they prove to be the turning point in her life. What follows are violent car-chases, car-bombs, desperate gun-battles. All part of the normal daily life for a woman in love in modern day Houston.

What? You say that stuff doesn’t happen?

Be prepared for the unexpected as you learn about Tina McIntyre and Clifford Stinson. Nothing is ordinary for this couple as they find love in each others’ hearts in the thrilling new Romance/Thriller: Rising from the Ashes by Marchela Wells.


Not just another day at the office

It was 1:42 p.m. when I heard a buzz of activity and voices outside my cubicle. I was in the middle of typing up a financial report for Larry when he stuck his head in and told me that there was an emergency meeting.


Due to the large number of staff attending and still struggling to get in from the hallway the meeting did not get started until ten minutes later. Eric Johnson, our company president, finally entered and walked to the front of the room and held up his hands asking for quiet. It was another two or three minutes before the last voice had died away. Mr. Johnson looked over out the left side window and shook his head. I glanced that way but could only see some smoke in the far distance, probably a house fire or something.

“May I have your attention please? I have an announcement. I don’t have any answers yet, so there will not be a question/answer time after. Please bear with me until I can get more up-to-date information.

“There has been an explosion at our new headquarters site.”

There were gasps and shouts of disbelief from many around the room.


“It appears to have been a car bomb,” he continued. “There may have been a number of injuries among the construction crew because some of the structure may have collapsed. I don’t have anything else at this time. I will let you know more as soon as the police can give me some updates.”

Larry immediately grabbed my hand, knowing that I would need some support.

My head was spinning, fear gripped my stomach tightly.

“Cliff! Oh my God! Cliff!’ I shouted.


Who would use a car bomb against a large real-estate firm in downtown Houston, Texas and exactly what were they trying to do? And exactly why would our heroine be so upset and who, exactly, is Cliff, and what does he have to do with this?


Find out the exciting answers to this and so many more questions as Tina McIntyre finds both love and terror at the same time. Thrilling car-chases; desperate gun-battles; love-at-first-sight; exotic honeymoon; assassination attempts — oh, did I mention steamy love scenes? Let your mind be swept away by the exciting, edge of your seat Romance/Thriller: Rising from the Ashes by Marchela Wells.