A vicious assault leads woman to life of lonliness

Christina McIntyre was only age sixteen when a vicious assault changed her life. Three young boys rob her of her innocence and doom her to a life of loneliness and isolation. She is no longer even able to speak her first name and reduces it to Tina, the tiny part of her life which survived.

Time passes and her life becomes involved with the daily routines of living and working. She edges upward in the business world of Houston, Texas. Working as an executive assistant to one of the VP’s at a top real-estate firm. She lives in the sheltered world of her pent-house apartment atop a luxury high-rise in downtown Houston.

She surrounds herself with nice things, a housekeeper and her constant companion, Charlotte. A U.S. Marine trained bodyguard who protects her whenever she goes out with a man on rare occasions. Inside her stylish purse she feels the safety of her fully loaded gun. She has taken extensive self-defense classes and feels totally safe inside the silken cocoon she has buried herself inside. There is nothing that any man can bring against her that will break though that protective barrier.

One day, a routine business lunch brings the one man who can provide the only thing which can penetrate her defenses. There is nothing that she can do to protect herself from this weapon. It is too powerful and melts away everything in it’s path. That path exists between the eyes of the two as they see each other for the first time. Tina is rich beyond reason, but nothing she possesses can keep her safe from his assault. She must surrender everything that she possesses to save herself.

Unfortunately the three boys, now men, having served long prison terms for their crime return on the same day and begin an unending effort to destroy not only Tina, but everything that she cherishes. Car-bombs, violent car-chases, assassination attempts. All lead to a thrilling climax wherein Tina must reclaim her life through a subterfuge that could very well cost her own life as well as the man who has become her one and only. Will she be brave enough to expose herself to the man who is sworn to take his revenge on her?


Critics review: “Wells’ book will please her intended audience, spiced as it is with lubricious sex scenes and peppered with plenty of intrigue”reviewed by Barbara Bamberger Scott — ©2016 All Rights Reserved • The US Review of Books

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Coming soon, the erotic and exciting sequel: My Daughter in Ashes as Christina’s story continues.







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