Romance, love, happily ever after

If that is the kind of story you like then you will definitely enjoy the new novel: Rising from the Ashes.

If you enjoy reading about women who are strong, independent, and fearless then Christian McIntyre is just your woman. Damaged by an assault while a teenager she overcomes most of her issues, except for those related to men. She avoids them at all costs. They are only in it for themselves and want nothing more than to take what they want and leave her in despair. She will have none of them, hires a bodyguard to protect her from unwanted advances, hardly ever goes on dates.

One day, all of that changes when a construction manager appears and she is instantly taken by his wonderful smell, his rugged good looks and impeccable manners. All of the walls that she has built to protect her from men vanish in response to his brilliant smile and warm personality. But when he asks her for her hand in marriage she demurs. He is everything that she could have wished for but…

Suddenly one week later a car-bomb explodes at the building he is working on which changes the course of their lives. Did he survive? Will she be able to find him and tell him the truth. Can she build on that and still conceal the fact that she is extremely wealthy. Or will she have to give up everything that she has to win his heart?

The answers explode from the pages of this brilliant new novel by Marcela Wells. Follow one of the links below to read an extract from the novel and offers you options to obtain a copy of this wonderful story for your own library.


Barnes and Noble

Watch for the exciting sequel My Daughter in Ashes coming soon.





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