Erotic new Romance novel bursts to life

“My fingers were trembling as they touched the door handle. This is it, no turning back. If I open this door I will have chosen my future. What if he refuses me? How will I ever live down the shame of that rejection?

I slowly turned the knob and opened the door to the shower room quietly and stood, watching for a few seconds, as Cliff struggled to try to wash himself. Blood pounded in my ears and my legs felt weak. I closed and locked the door behind me, my eyes never leaving his back.

He was facing away from me and did not hear the door open or close over the noise of the shower. I watched as he tried to get the shower gel out of the bottle, onto his mostly lifeless hand and then back onto his good hand to rub his chest. My heart pounded as I stood quietly, naked beneath my robe, behind him, admiring his firm muscles and toned body. It was very clear that he worked out and his body reflected it. I let my robe pool quietly at my feet and stepped into the shower behind him. I could feel my face blush from my nakedness. I desperately wanted to crush my body against his.”     *** Rising from the Ashes – Marchela Wells

What has led this young lady to this point in her life. Why is she so afraid of men? What is wrong with Cliff’s hand? With the discovery of the man who fills all of the things that she has ever wished for in a husband lover, danger also invades her life. Car-bombs; car-chases; gun battles; wedding of a lifetime; exotic honeymoon; did I mention erotic love scenes – yeah, those as well.

All culminating in a terrifying scene in which the heroine must make a decision that might cause not only the loss of her own life, but that of her new husband. Be the first to read the exciting and terrifying journey of Tina McIntyre from a young high school cheerleader to the important and powerful position of Vice President and Division Director for a large real-estate firm in downtown Houston, Texas. Available from these and other fine retailers”


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After reading the wonderful story, be on the lookout for the sequel:  My Daughter in Ashes.


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