SEX, Lies, and Car-Bombs #eroticRomance

Find out what happens to Tina, who at age sixteen experiences a gang-rape. She faces a bleak future. Her childhood dreams of love and happiness lie in ashes at her feet. No man will want a girl like her. Her reputation in shambles, her life destroyed.

Can she recover? Can a girl ripped apart by the awful memories of that evil night ever overcome her fear of men? She bears the shame of having an out-of-wedlock child, but hides it from the world.

As she grows older the memories become less sharp. The nightmares becomes slightly bearable, but only just a little. But her other dreams return, those which whisper of love. It’s been seventeen years, a very scattered couple of dates convince her that men only one thing from her, something that she refuses to provide.

Could there be a Prince Charming left in the world who can rescue her? A man to help her overcome her fears and restore her faith in life and love? Probably not. Tina does have hopes. Maybe one of the Executives where she works will be the one? However, today, she has more to worry about than that. Her boss is taking her along on a business lunch with some construction guy. They have to come up with some new floor plans for the new office tower headquarters her company is building. By the end of this lunch she expects both her boss and this guy will be eating out of her hands, and a promotion to Vice-President at her office will be in the bag.

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Now that I have your undivided attention let me tell you about a wonderful new romance/thriller from Marchela Wells: Rising from the Ashes. The story opens in Tina McIntyre’s own words:

“I was born Christina Laura McIntyre, but that was a name that belonged to another person in another time. Now, it’s Tina, because Tina would never allow those boys or even men to violate her that way again. Christina did fight back, but lost the struggle that terrible night seventeen years ago. Tina was born when Christina died. Do I remember that night? There is not even one second of that terrible night that I can ever forget.”

This is the story in the life of a young woman, gang-raped at age sixteen, psychologically damaged and unable to interact with men for seventeen years. One day she is invited to go along with her boss to a business luncheon…

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