Life, Love and Car bombs – the story of Tina McIntyre

I finished my little speech and looked over at Cliff only to be lost again in those deep pools of brown copper. My hand had come to rest against Cliff’s as I spoke my last thought.

 I refused to move it again. It just felt so nice where it was.

He smiled at me and then turned back to study the plans for a moment. Then he turned to Larry,

His thumb reached up and slid across my knuckles.

‘mmmmmmm.” I purred.

‘If he keeps doing that I’m going to need an ambulance.’

Find out what is happening here that has Tina so upset. What little speech did she give? And just who is Cliff and why does the mere rubbing of his thumb across her knuckles set her off?

Did I mention erotic sex scenes? (those things as well). All is revealed in the brilliant new novel by Marchela Wells: Rising from the Ashes, available now from these fine retailers:

Xlibris               my publisher

Barnes & Noble

Choose any of the above links to have a sneak peek at the thrilling story of love and terror as Tina struggles to stay alive amid a world of car-bombs; wild car-chases; assassination attempts and most of all events which change everything about her life. Including giving away her fortune of seventy-five million dollars.


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