Love, car-bombs- what do they have in common?

Here’s your chance to experience that feeling that you experienced when you first met the man of your dreams. Rising from the Ashes, a brand new Adult Romance novel from the pen of Marchela Wells as published by Xlibris will bring back memories of those emotions and feelings of Love at First Sight.

Tina McIntyre’s life had been destroyed by the violent assault of three boys when she was age sixteen. Suddenly, at age 33 she is suddenly catapulted into emotions that she has never experienced when she meets the construction supervisor of a new office tower. Each touch of his hand against hers sets off fireworks inside her body that she cannot ignore. Having lost her older brother when he was age 8 and her parents four years before in a plane crash, Tina is alone in the world. Never having experienced the love of a man, or even the gentle feel of a lovers’ kiss, she is uncertain of what is happening to her.

How will she answer him when he proposes marriage? How will she defend him from the return of those boys, now men, who return to extract revenge on her for testimony that sent them to long prison terms?  Car-bombs, assassination attempts compete with her wedding plans, honeymoon and attempts to settle down to a normal life.

Can she and her new found love live to escape from the repeated attacks of these violent men and find a way to build for themselves a home and family?  All of this is set against the backdrop of the vast city of Houston, Texas in a modern day romance/thriller.

Be the first to enjoy this thrilling and loving tribute to a woman who must overcome the odds to find happiness from these fine retailers:

Xlibris        my publisher

Barnes and Noble

Choose any of the above links to read a preview of the excitement and terror inside the covers.

I am currently working on a sequel to this story. My Daughter in Ashes.


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