A boring life transformed by love

My life had become boring. Rising from my bed at the same time every day. Eating with my staff, dressing, and going to the same old job. Returning to my apartment, eating, showering and getting ready for bed. Day in, day out, a routine that was unsatisfying and left me feeling empty.


Meanwhile I directed Cliff to his room and turned on the shower, and lay out his night clothes on the bed. Then I helped him set out the shower gel, toiletries and towels. I was nervous and my hand was trembling. ‘Can I do it? Can I be that brave? I felt weak, and my knees almost buckled at the thought of what I was about to do.’


My fingers were trembling as they touched the door handle. This is it, no turning back. If I open this door I will have chosen my future. What if he refuses me? How will I ever live down the shame of that rejection?

I slowly turned the knob and opened the door to the shower room quietly and stood, watching for a few seconds, as Cliff struggled to try to wash himself. Blood pounded in my ears and my legs felt weak. I closed and locked the door behind me, my eyes never leaving his back.


He must have sensed my entry behind him because he quickly turned to face me. There was a brief look of shock on his face at first, his eyes taking in the fact that I was now completely nude. His eyes then lifted to mine, his thoughts were hidden from me. At first he seemed afraid but then his eyes softened, became gentle and more loving. I think that he was more afraid for me than himself. His eyes looked deeply into mine, asking the question before speaking.


Those are just a few samples from the life of Tina McIntyre. A young executive assistant for a large Houston, Texas real-estate firm. But they prove to be the turning point in her life. What follows are violent car-chases, car-bombs, desperate gun-battles. All part of the normal daily life for a woman in love in modern day Houston.

What? You say that stuff doesn’t happen?

Be prepared for the unexpected as you learn about Tina McIntyre and Clifford Stinson. Nothing is ordinary for this couple as they find love in each others’ hearts in the thrilling new Romance/Thriller: Rising from the Ashes by Marchela Wells.



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