Two opinions on Tina’s appearance

The housekeeper: Marianne:

“You look very nice this evening, Ms. Tina. I know that Mr. Cliff will like you. Just act yourself and don’t fidget so much,” Marian called out after me.

‘Oh, why was I so nervous?’ I wanted at the very least to have Cliff as a friend, and in the past my money had either frightened off many of the men I had dated, or caused them to care more for my money than for me. I wanted something so much more to happen with Cliff so I knew that I had to take it slow.


“Good evening, Tina, you look stunning tonight. I like your hair, that dress, and those shoes. Wow, You’re a knockout!”

“Thank you Cliff. You look charming yourself.” I returned. The tension between us was electric. I tucked my clutch under my arm and twisted my hands together, desperately wanting to reach out and grab hold of one of his.

As if he could read my mind, he reached out his hand for mine. I smiled and grabbed hold as if my life depended on it.

“Thanks,” I whispered.

My heartbeat slowed and my breath became normal as we touched. I looked into his eyes and smiled back at him. Cliff turned and held the door for me to enter, never releasing my hand from his. I gave him another warm smile, all the while thinking what good manners he had. He was totally unlike other men I had dated.

I was in a state of torture. My mind was swimming with warnings.

‘How far did I want this to go? What if he was not interested in me? What if he was just being polite? Why was my hand trembling so?’ I did notice that the knot in my stomach had dissolved almost from the moment our hands clasped together.

Find out what happens when Cliff takes Tina on their very first date. And what happens afterwards can only be described as explosive. As in Car-bomb!

Will these two young lovers survive the attempts of three men to assassinate the young woman. And just exactly why are they trying to do that?

Read the exciting edge of your seat Romance/Thriller: Rising from the Ashes by Marchela Wells.



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