Erotic tale of girl’s assault and recovery #EroticRomance

Christina McIntyre is a sixteen year old cheerleader. One Friday night at an away game she is viciously assaulted by three young men. She reduces her name to Tina and for the next seventeen years she is desperately afraid of men. Refuses dates. Hides herself away in an expensive high rise penthouse. Learns self-defense tactics, hires a bodyguard and owns a .38 pistol and CHL.

She is ready for all comers. There is nothing that will break through her solid wall of defense. Until one day she goes on a business lunch with her boss. The man she meets brings the only weapon for which she has prepared no defense. All of the barriers she has built are useless. Her weapon, hidden inside her purse contains no bullet that will disarm his assault. All of her training and skills have no value in it’s path.

With what weapon has he armed himself? What could he possibly use to cause this lady to surrender everything that she has and owns to him? Why, it’s the tender look in his eyes, his soft voice, and his delicious smell. It’s love-at-first-sight for the two.

But there is another part of this Romance which invades their lives almost from the first moment. The three boys, now men, have served long prison terms due to her testimony against them. They are released from prison and seek vengeance on Tina and her new found love. Car-bombs; terrifying car-chases; gun-battles; nothing is too much in their desperate desire to use their pent-up hatred for her to destroy her and everything she cares for.

This new Romance/Thriller Rising from the Ashes by Marchela Wells is a spellbinding, edge of your seat, love filled, novel that will keep you wont be able to put down. (Oh, did I mention steamy sex scenes? Yeah, those too.)

here’s a video teaser: YouTube video

Get your copy at:

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read an exciting excerpt and then click on the option for an ebook, soft cover, or hardback edition. Get ready to this once in a lifetime romance.

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