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My name is Tina McIntyre, for seventeen years of my life I have gone by this name rather than the name my parents gave me: Christina. Why? Because I was assaulted when I was sixteen-years-old by three boys.

They ruined my life. Damaged me so badly that for all of those past years I have hidden in my high-rise penthouse. Guarded by my  trusted friend, driver and bodyguard Charlotte. My apartment kept clean and fresh, delicious meals prepared by my other friend Marianne.

That’s right. Only two friends in the entire world. My parents, dead, my life of loneliness is only broken up daily as I go to work at one of Houston, Texas large real-estate firms.  My boss, Larry, helps me hide my fears and daily tears from the staff.

Today, I need to accompany Larry as we take the construction manager for the company building our new office tower. I’m so hoping that I can use this meeting to gain a promotion. I’ve worked very hard at my job. This business lunch will provide me an opportunity to, hopefully, put me in line for the new VP/Division Head for a new department the company is planning. I want it very bad. It might allow me to meet and mingle with some of the unmarried men who rule our company. Perhaps I might find someone there who can help me repair my damaged life and bring love and happiness to my broken soul.

I think Larry said the guys name was Cliff, or something. I wonder what he’ll be like? I need to study the building plans. Perhaps I can offer something that will gain me that promotion.

Find out what happens to Tina when she meets Cliff in the exciting new Romance/Thriller Rising from the Ashes by Marchela Wells.

YouTube video promo: Rising from the Ashes

Find out what happens next when the three boys, now men, are released from prison and target her for revenge and murder.

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Be sure and tell your friends about the exciting and thrilling story brought to life in this novel.


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