Violent assault leaves 16 year old girl devastated

Rising from the Ashes, the new novel just released by author Marchela Wells by Xlibris is the story of a young girl who suffers a violent assault by three boys. The boys capture and assault her during an away football game. The result of that attack is a life of loneliness and fear of men.

Refusing to associate socially with men for some 17 years; hiding away in a luxury apartment with a personal bodyguard and housekeeper leaves heroine Tina McIntyre in such a state that she feels trapped inside her lonely world. Over time, her views of men soften as she sees men she works with interact with other women in ways that cause her to doubt the beliefs left from that assault.

Sometimes as she listens to co-workers reveal things about their lives with their husbands, families, children and relatives that she desperately wants for herself. A civil lawsuit against the parents of the three boys resulted in a 20-million dollar cash judgement. Her parents die in a plane crash that brings her another 30-million judgement due to a faulty part missed during the manufacturing process. Over time, the money left abandoned by her due to the pain of where it came from grows over time to 75-million. Tina cares nothing for the money or the things it could give her.

One day, her boss invites her to go along on a business lunch with the construction manager of the new office tower the company is building. Sparks fly as the two meet and interact with each other. Three days later the gentleman proposes. Tina is too afraid to say yes, though her heart begs her to accept. She has a hidden secret that she must conceal from everyone.

At the same time that she meets Cliff Stinson, the three boys, now convicted rapist are released from prison and seek her out to extract revenge for her testimony which sent them to long prison terms, and robbed them of their inheritance. One week later a car-bomb at the new tower and an explosive device are detonated in the building where she works.

Find out the thrilling and terrifying actions that happen and that Tina is forced to do to protect herself, her new found love and bring happiness to her life for the first time.

Available now at booksellers everywhere, including:

Barnes and

Also, be on the lookout for the exciting sequel to the Adult Romance: My Daughter in Ashes.



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