3 boys violently assault 16 year old girl #Eroticnovels

“I was born Christina Laura McIntyre, but that was a name that belonged to another person in another time. Now, it’s Tina, because Tina would never allow those boys or even men to violate her that way again. Christina did fight back but lost the struggle that terrible night seventeen years ago. Tina was born when Christina died. You ask: Do I remember that night? There is not even one second of that terrible night that I can ever forget.”

The opening sentences of the thrilling new novel portray the devastation and fear that happened seventeen years ago to a now 33-year-old Executive Assistant at a large downtown Houston, Texas real-estate firm. For all of those years, she has sought to avoid entanglements with men. But as the now nearly two decades of solitude and seclusion wear away at her inner soul, she longs for ‘something’ that is missing from her life. The women where she works are all married, have loving husbands, children, family, and friends. She has a female bodyguard and a housekeeper.

She longs for a Prince Charming to come into her life. A civil court case against the school and boys families has given her twenty-million dollars. But is it ‘Trick Money’ for a whore. She cannot touch it. Her parents are killed in a plane crash resulting from a defective airplane part in the engine. She is awarded another thirty million dollars. The money sits in the bank. She can’t touch it – it’s blood money for her parent’s deaths.

Her boss supports her in every way, but he is happily married with children. Perhaps a promotion at work will allow her to mingle with the top executives of the company; several are single. Perhaps she can find what she is missing there. One day, her boss takes her along on a business lunch with the construction manager for the company which is building a new office tower for them.

The man who comes into her life brings a weapon for which she has no defense. All of the barriers, walls, and safeguards she has created melt away in his presence. Her bodyguard is helpless to defend her from him. She must surrender ALL that she has, her money, her luxury apartment, her jewels, even down to her clothes. But she does keep the gun in her purse.

The boys, now convicted rapists, who assaulted her return almost at the same moment bent on her destruction.  Will she and her new found love be able to survive the car-bombs, violent car chases; and assassination attempts and find a life together to complete her dreams?

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