Teenage cheerleader assaulted #mustreads


It was a cold December night at one of the away games that it happened. Our football team was playing one of the school’s toughest opponents, McAllister High. I was supporting them as a member of the cheerleading squad. It was during the third quarter and the crowd was cheering wildly. The band was playing our school fight song when my bladder sent out an emergency call. I suddenly regretted having had those three cokes and a large glass of tea before the squad boarded the bus. My bladder was on serious overload.

—–. As I approached (the girls restroom) I noticed that two overhead lights near the restrooms were busted, their glass on the concrete below. The entrance was dark. As I looked around all was well and I did not see anything out of place. All seemed quiet and deserted. I entered without any concern.

I was about to enter a stall with an open door when three dark figures jumped from inside the surrounding stalls where they had been hiding. My neck was grabbed from behind by a pair of strong hands. A left hand choked my throat while a right hand clamped tightly over my mouth. I could not scream. I fought and kicked, scratching the boy behind me seriously across his face. He cried out in pain, then kicked me hard in the middle of my back. The other two boys held my arms and legs and forcing me down onto the floor.


Find out what happens next in the erotic prologue to the brand new novel Rising from the Ashes by first-time author Marchela Wells. Be to first to learn what the results of this tragedy bring into the young girls life. Not only then, but for many years thereafter, until one day…

Find out what happens on that day, and on many of the days after. Car-bombs, explosions, gun battles, assassination attempts. What could possibly be the result of all of this, and how she is able to survive and bring the fight against the men who are determined to destroy her. Exactly who are these men and why do they want to take her life?

The answers can be found at the link directly below:

Barnes and Noble.com

click here for a video promo about the book

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or here to read reviews and more about the author.

Marchela Wells novels

Enjoy, and tell your friends.



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