Erotic Romance/Thriller #eroticeromance

Rising from the Ashes a bold new novel from the desk of Marchela Wells delves into the physical and psychological dilemma in the aftermath of a gang-rape of a 16-year-old girl.

Shaken by the violent attack and aftermath, including the birth of a child, Tina McIntyre sinks into a seventeen-year state of depression and fear of men. Over the nearly two decades-long hiatus from men and loving relationships, she also suffers the tragedy of the loss of her parents in an airline crash.

As a result of a civil suit against the parents of the three boys, she wins a twenty-million dollar award. The loss of her parents brings another thirty million to her bank account. She refuses to touch the money as it symbolizes too much pain in her life. It remains untouched, gaining, even more, wealth from investments of the years.

One day, a business luncheon, she meets a man who brings a weapon with him for which she finds no defense: Love.

On the same day, the three boys, now men, seek her out for vengeance for her testimony that sent them to prison for fifteen years.

Somehow, Tina must find the strength to survive their assaults and protect not only herself but her new found love from their hatred.

Here’s a YouTube video link promo: Rising from the Ashes

Here’s a link to my publisher where you can read a preview sample

and/or purchase the novel: Barnes and



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