Break free from your usual routines.#Adult #Romance #suspense

Alone and broken by a horrible memory, Tina McIntyre struggles to find happiness and love in the fast pace world of Houston real-estate. Tina is given the assignment as the lead for a contract bid for a new contract. That contract will mean millions to the company bottom line. Tina oversees nearly every detail, working with a counterpart at that company she fine tunes the bid in every detail. As they near completion of the contract she is suddenly faced wth having to come up with a challenge she is not prepared to handle.

Winning the contract means that at least 100 existing and new staff will have to house in the new office tower Tilden Enterprises has under construction. Her boss invites her to come along to a business luncheon with the Construction Manager of that building. She faces the challenge of trying to find space for those employees in the new tower within less than two hours. Will she meet the challenge? And can she sell her ideas to this man she has never met?

Find out the thrilling answer to those mysteries and discover the joy and happiness of finding love in unexpected places.

Here’s a YouTube video link to tempt your thoughts: Rising from the Ashes

Here’s a link to my publisher where you can read: Book Reviews; About the author; sample a preview of the novel; make that decision to add Tina McIntyre and Clifford Stinson not only to your library but your everyday world.

Car-bombs; gun-battles, an exotic wedding, and honeymoon; The unexpected emotions of love-at-first-sight; kidnapping and a final decision that might cost not only her life but that of her new husband.

And what exactly is a ‘Peach Smoothie’? You’ll never guess! It’s something that you might do for your husband on your wedding day. He’ll love it!

Aren’t those a part of your normal life? Well — they will be when you discover them inside the covers of this thrilling new novel.

Oh! — Did I mention the ‘steamy’ sex scenes. Yeah, those too.

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