Life without love #romanceThriller

“I always sensed that there was still something missing in my life that I desperately wanted. I could not put my finger on it. Sometimes when I watched certain men at the office, I’d be lost in a daydream. I wished that my Prince Charming would arrive on his white horse to carry me away. Hell, I’d even settle for a hunk in a nice BMW. See? I’m not really that picky, am I? Sadly, at the end of the day, it was always back to my apartment and a movie I had seen many times before, or an old TV rerun.”

The above is a quote from Tina McIntyre. A young woman, having vast wealth at her fingertips. Possessing a spectacular apartment, a housekeeper and bodyguard. A fantastic job for a great boss; a beautiful car. In short, everything a woman could want, except the things that mattered most to her: happiness, family, and that mythical thing she missed to the depth of her soul. Companionship and love with a man who could share her life and future.

“I would have given my entire fortune to have my parents back or not have been raped. I felt degraded, worthless, alone. Through it all, Larry [her boss] was understanding and gave me that extra time to grieve which I so desperately needed. He was truly the best boss ever. Focusing my energies on work allowed me to keep my sanity, and my pride intact.”

Then, one day, she met the man of her dreams. If I recall correctly it was on a Tuesday. Yes, she was riding into work, the clouds were roiling in from the Gulf of Mexico. Rain threatened. She had a business luncheon with her boss and some construction supervisor. By the end of that luncheon she planned to have both of them eating out of hands and a big promotion in the bag. Instead:

“I curled my fingers inside his palm and made no effort to release my hand from his grip. My fingers felt so natural inside his hand; my entire body relaxed, the knot in my stomach disappeared. Strange visions of trips in the country together with Cliff; I could see us in a boat, alone together. I was sitting on the back cushion, I patted the place beside me, he walked to me and kissed my lips…. Ohhhhhh….”

Find out the true story, and what happens in Tina’s life when that vision of her future comes true. How she must give up Everything to make it happen. Her money, her apartment, her staff. All are stripped away in a desperate decision that leaves her at the mercy of the three men who are trying to kill her.

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Falling in love #romance/thriller

How does a young girl fall in love? Sure, everyone has those dreams of meeting the perfect man. Then there will be a whirlwind romance, afterward a perfect wedding in an exotic setting. Then the happily ever-after with children, family and a great job.

But – what if something happens that’s unforeseen?  Maybe a car wreck; loss of a limb; blindness; disfigurement? What then? The girl’s body is no longer the perfect shape or condition that the perfect man might be searching. She is damaged beyond repair, but still has the same dreams.

But, what if the injuries are not visible? Hidden behind a facade of lies and deception? Hidden, because she feels they are shameful, unclean due to a despicable act of three young boys out for their own thrills.

A young girl still must face life, with all of its’ challenges and pitfalls, but with her psyche damaged almost beyond repair. I say almost, because there might be someone out there who can repair and bring all of the happiness and love that she dreamed of as a child.

Can a chance meeting in the parking lot of an office tower under construction be the location where these two cross paths? But what if the girl, now a grown woman, has given up all dreams of that future? Chases away any and all men who approach her? What if she is fearful of even being in the same room with a man alone?

How can a woman who has never known the love of a man for a woman overcome the issues from her past which rule her present?

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Has your belief in yourself been damaged? #eroticRomance

Has a trauma in your life destroyed your hopes for the future? Have the actions of others damaged your belief in yourself? Have you’ve been raped, assaulted, brutalized and left with dreams of love and happiness in shambles?

Such was the fate of sixteen-year old Christina McIntyre one cold December night. Christina had her entire life in front of her; her childhood behind her on the cusp of adulthood and happiness. A leader in school, a cheerleader having a great time at an away game, cheering on her schools’ football team to victory.

But as the cheers and screams of the crowd echo in her ear she has a desperate need to attend to natures’ call. Taking a wrong turn in the hallway she finds herself trapped in the clutches of three boys out of some fun. No one comes to her rescue and she is left naked, raped and lying in a pool of her own urine, and sadly, pregnant with no means of supporting a child she did not want.

She abandons her faith, since God abandoned her in her time of need. She strips away everything from herself that she has known. Reduces her name to only a fragment of what it was, Tina, because that’s all she is – a fragment.

Seventeen years pass. She has worked hard, graduated 2nd in her class at college; found employment which is rewarding and gives her most of what she wants in life; a good salary; a nice apartment; the ability to have a housekeeper and bodyguard. And yet, there is still one thing missing. Happiness. Tina yearns for something she knows that she will never have: a loving husband, children and family. No man would want a wife, such as she. Damaged; raped; a woman with secrets.

Or would there be such a man? A man who can see the real woman behind the mask? A man who can ignore her past and love her for the woman she has become?

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A chapter in tribute to Jodi Taylor

Chapter 33. – Molly has a lesson in makeup.

“Molly,” Mrs. Stinson began, “the very first thing that a beautiful woman does before applying any makeup is to cleanse the facial skin completely. Now looking closely at your face I see that you don’t have any scars, discoloration or acne, so you are already three steps ahead of many girls your age.

“Now, this container has what is known as Foundation. You need to first wash your hands good with soap and water. Afterward, I’m going to pour a small amount onto the palm of your hand. What you will need to do is to use your fingers to apply the makeup smoothly and evenly.  You’ll find that the heat from your hand will help it to blend and make it work faster.”

Molly followed the instructions closely, scrubbing her hands clean, then dabbed her fingers in the foundation that Christina poured onto her palms, with her fingertips, she blended it gently and smoothly over her face. When she had completed that process, she washed the remainder of the Foundation from her hands.

“Next,” Christina continued, “is this small bottle of distilled water. It’s important to use a small  bottle of distilled water rather than tap water; tap water contains bacteria which will damage any makeup products it touches. For your next step, you will work on your eyes.

“This is an eyeliner brush. Dip it into the distilled water first and then into this Powered Eyeshadow. Now brush it on smoothly and gently, making sure not to get any into your eyes.

“Yes, very nice.” Christina was pleased with how quickly Molly seemed to learn the process.

“Now comes the Eyeliner. Use this small brush. Note that the tip is small, square and flat and just a little soft. Take that brush and swish the tip gently back and forth into the brown eyeshadow.  Tap the brush over a paper towel and then rest your elbow on the table. That will steady your hand. Now, take your other hand and place a finger on the outer edge of your eye between the upper eyelid and your eyebrow. Yes, that’s it, not too hard, apply a slight upward pressure.

“Now, with the brush next to the lashes, make a series of dashes from the outer eye inward to the center.  Like this  – – – – –

Repeat this for the lower eyelid.  When you’re done, the dashes will all run together in one continuous line.

“The next step would be to deal with your eyebrows. But after looking at yours more closely, I don’t think that you will need to worry about that process. Your eyebrows are perfect.  Now let’s work on your eyelashes. You have wonderful eyelashes, this process will make them fluffy, flirty and thick. Just the kind of thing that might attract a handsome young doctor to give you a second look.”

MRS. STINSON. Why would you say such a thing? I’m just trying to make myself presentable, and I don’t want Owen to be embarrassed or ashamed of the way that I look when we go to church.”

“Yes, I know exactly how you feel. Molly. Don’t be ashamed, Doctor Williamson would be a great catch and I, for one, want you to be successful and happy. Happiness comes in many forms in this life. Probably the one that is most satisfying is to have a man in your life who appreciates you for yourself and can see past the troubles that you had in the past. I’m positive that the good doctor certainly qualifies on that score.

Molly flushed every time Christina mentioned Doctor Williamson name and her heart beat rapidly in her chest.

Does she think I have a chance? Is it still possible after all that I’ve been through and done that someone like Doctor Williamson would even look at me? Oh, how I wish it were true.’

“Now, back to those beautiful eyelashes of yours,” Christina’s voice broke through her thoughts again. ”This small brush is called an eyelash curler. You are going to be using some mascara First use some of the translucent powder on your upper cheek.

“Okay, that’s enough. Now curl your eyelashes by placing the eyelash curler close to the upper lashes and press it one at a time.  Remove the wand from the applicator and now use a tissue to wipe that clump off of the tip. Take the wand and place it at the base of your upper lashes and wiggle it gently while you move it upward.  Yes, just like that.  You’re doing this well, Molly, are you sure that you’ve never done this?.”

“No, Christina. This is my first time ever.”

“Thank you, Christiana. I just hope that I can remember all of these steps the next time.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll be here to help you until you get the process down perfectly. I don’t want my pretty daughter going out into the world unprepared. I know that you are going to ‘knock them dead.”

“You’re so kind and sweet, Christina. I love you very much.”

“And I love you as well. I want only the best in life for you. Now you need to finish off with the bottom lashes. Take this tissue and place it under them at the base. Using only the tip of the wand, give a light coat to them and then brush off any specks that are on your cheeks.

“Yes, that looks perfect. Now for those all-important lips. You will want to make them full and luscious, so start with a natural lipstick color on either the top or bottom lip. Press them together so that the lipstick spreads evenly over both surfaces. Now use this lip gloss over both lips to complete the process.

“Now, if I were a man, I would probably have an overwhelming desire to press my lips against yours, Molly. They are simply perfect.  Exactly what any man desires.”

“You’re so silly, Christina. I don’t think that Owen thinks that way.”

“You just wait. I think that you will be pleasantly surprised.”

“Okay, that enough about Mr. Dreamboat. Take that large brush there and apply some powder to your cheeks. Let’s use some of the Banana Powder today. I hear that lots of celebrities use this because it gives your skin that healthy look.

“Now for that last touch, and this one you need to be very careful not to overdo and that is the Blush. It will give you that last POP of color to your cheeks. Since this is going to be a daytime event you only need one light swipe, yes, just so. Now, you’re done.

“Why don’t you stand over there by the window. That will give me a pretty good idea of how you are going to look in the sunlight.

Jodi Taylor

“Molly — you look simply stunning! A visual treat for any male, especially one that will be taking you to church.  Oh, Molly, I’m so happy for you. I only wish I had been as prepared the first day that I met Cliff. He probably wouldn’t agree, but then, I think that he is a little biased where I’m concerned.”

Erotic tale of girl’s assault and recovery #EroticRomance


Christina McIntyre is a sixteen year old cheerleader. One Friday night at an away game she is viciously assaulted by three young men. She reduces her name to Tina and for the next seventeen years she is desperately afraid of men. Refuses dates. Hides herself away in an expensive high rise penthouse. Learns self-defense tactics, hires a bodyguard and owns a .38 pistol and CHL.

She is ready for all comers. There is nothing that will break through her solid wall of defense. Until one day she goes on a business lunch with her boss. The man she meets brings the only weapon for which she has prepared no defense. All of the barriers she has built are useless. Her weapon, hidden inside her purse contains no bullet that will disarm his assault. All of her training and skills have no value in it’s path.

With what weapon has he…

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Gang rape leaves girl’s life in shambles#greatreads


Christina was age 16, supporting her school as a cheerleader at an away-from-home football game. James Payne and two of his close friends were never-do-well boys out for fun and smoking weed. One December night the four teen-agers meet in the girls rest-room. The result leaves Christina’s dreams of love, happiness and a bright future in ashes.

As is often true in life, what damages you, can also make you stronger. Christina shortens her name to Tina, turns her mind to making top grades in college. She graduates second in her class and finds employment as an Executive Assistant for one of Houston, Texas largest Real Estate firms.

Her parents sue the parents of the three boys, as well as the school and win a twenty-million dollar settlement for their daughter. Later, when her parents die in an airplane disaster, a class action suit brings her another thirty-million dollar award. Tina…

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