Woman left alone in the world #romancethriller

After experiencing a brutal assault at age sixteen, Christina changes her name to Tina. She shies away from all male interactions. Feeling that God has abandoned her, she deserts the church. Several years later her parents are killed in a plane crash that cuts off all ties to her past. Tina feels alone, abandoned, and unloved in a world full of men who only want one thing from her.

Gradually, as the years pass by, her feelings soften and she yearns for the happiness that she sees in other women where she works. Husbands who love them, children, family and a life of fulfillment. Tina has a housekeeper and a bodyguard/driver to keep her stomach full, her apartment clean, and a safe ride to work each day.

Her boss gives her a feeling of safety and support at work where she excels and becomes a skilled and knowledgeable worker. He assigns her the contract lead on a multimillion dollar contract her company is fighting to win. Tina brings her knowledge, training and skills to bear, but leaves work each day to return to a lonely apartment and shattered dreams of her past.

One day, the contract nearly won, her boss is given the assignment to find work areas in the new office tower they are building. The one-hundred existing and new employees that will be needed to support the contract will also require a new VP position. Tina wants to be that VP. She takes the challenge head on, knowing little to nothing of floor diagrams she obtains a copy of the building blueprints and devices sketches that turn out to be a perfect fit.

But can she win over the Construction Manager, convince him that her plans will work to everyone’s benefit? At a business luncheon meeting, the floor plans seem to be completely forgotten and irrelevant as the man brings to Tina something she knows little to nothing about – Love. The strange and overpowering sensations erupting inside her awaken a feeling she has never know – Desire.

Find out what happens next as Tina’s future and her past collide. Scenes of tender love, car-bombs, exotic wedding and honeymoon, terrifying car chases ending in violent gun battles, steamy love scenes. All culminating in a horrific confrontation with a man from her past who kidnaps her new husband and demands a two-million-dollar ransom.

Here’s a link to a YouTube video promo: YouTube: Rising from the Ashes

Here’s a link to my publisher where you can obtain the complete story: Xlibris.com


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