Gang rape leaves girl’s life in shambles#greatreads


Christina was age 16, supporting her school as a cheerleader at an away-from-home football game. James Payne and two of his close friends were never-do-well boys out for fun and smoking weed. One December night the four teen-agers meet in the girls rest-room. The result leaves Christina’s dreams of love, happiness and a bright future in ashes.

As is often true in life, what damages you, can also make you stronger. Christina shortens her name to Tina, turns her mind to making top grades in college. She graduates second in her class and finds employment as an Executive Assistant for one of Houston, Texas largest Real Estate firms.

Her parents sue the parents of the three boys, as well as the school and win a twenty-million dollar settlement for their daughter. Later, when her parents die in an airplane disaster, a class action suit brings her another thirty-million dollar award. Tina…

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