Erotic tale of girl’s assault and recovery #EroticRomance


Christina McIntyre is a sixteen year old cheerleader. One Friday night at an away game she is viciously assaulted by three young men. She reduces her name to Tina and for the next seventeen years she is desperately afraid of men. Refuses dates. Hides herself away in an expensive high rise penthouse. Learns self-defense tactics, hires a bodyguard and owns a .38 pistol and CHL.

She is ready for all comers. There is nothing that will break through her solid wall of defense. Until one day she goes on a business lunch with her boss. The man she meets brings the only weapon for which she has prepared no defense. All of the barriers she has built are useless. Her weapon, hidden inside her purse contains no bullet that will disarm his assault. All of her training and skills have no value in it’s path.

With what weapon has he…

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