Falling in love #romance/thriller

How does a young girl fall in love? Sure, everyone has those dreams of meeting the perfect man. Then there will be a whirlwind romance, afterward a perfect wedding in an exotic setting. Then the happily ever-after with children, family and a great job.

But – what if something happens that’s unforeseen?  Maybe a car wreck; loss of a limb; blindness; disfigurement? What then? The girl’s body is no longer the perfect shape or condition that the perfect man might be searching. She is damaged beyond repair, but still has the same dreams.

But, what if the injuries are not visible? Hidden behind a facade of lies and deception? Hidden, because she feels they are shameful, unclean due to a despicable act of three young boys out for their own thrills.

A young girl still must face life, with all of its’ challenges and pitfalls, but with her psyche damaged almost beyond repair. I say almost, because there might be someone out there who can repair and bring all of the happiness and love that she dreamed of as a child.

Can a chance meeting in the parking lot of an office tower under construction be the location where these two cross paths? But what if the girl, now a grown woman, has given up all dreams of that future? Chases away any and all men who approach her? What if she is fearful of even being in the same room with a man alone?

How can a woman who has never known the love of a man for a woman overcome the issues from her past which rule her present?

Here’s a video clip of my new novel: Rising from the Ashes

Here’s a fine retailer can provide a preview of the novel as well as access to purchase

the book in either ebook; soft-cover; or hardback: Barnes and Noble.com


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