Has your belief in yourself been damaged? #eroticRomance

Has a trauma in your life destroyed your hopes for the future? Have the actions of others damaged your belief in yourself? Have you’ve been raped, assaulted, brutalized and left with dreams of love and happiness in shambles?

Such was the fate of sixteen-year old Christina McIntyre one cold December night. Christina had her entire life in front of her; her childhood behind her on the cusp of adulthood and happiness. A leader in school, a cheerleader having a great time at an away game, cheering on her schools’ football team to victory.

But as the cheers and screams of the crowd echo in her ear she has a desperate need to attend to natures’ call. Taking a wrong turn in the hallway she finds herself trapped in the clutches of three boys out of some fun. No one comes to her rescue and she is left naked, raped and lying in a pool of her own urine, and sadly, pregnant with no means of supporting a child she did not want.

She abandons her faith, since God abandoned her in her time of need. She strips away everything from herself that she has known. Reduces her name to only a fragment of what it was, Tina, because that’s all she is – a fragment.

Seventeen years pass. She has worked hard, graduated 2nd in her class at college; found employment which is rewarding and gives her most of what she wants in life; a good salary; a nice apartment; the ability to have a housekeeper and bodyguard. And yet, there is still one thing missing. Happiness. Tina yearns for something she knows that she will never have: a loving husband, children and family. No man would want a wife, such as she. Damaged; raped; a woman with secrets.

Or would there be such a man? A man who can see the real woman behind the mask? A man who can ignore her past and love her for the woman she has become?

Here’s a video promo: Rising from the Ashes

Here’s a link where you can read a preview of this exciting, thrilling and ultimately spiritually rewarding novel: Barnes and Noble.com


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