Life without love #romanceThriller

“I always sensed that there was still something missing in my life that I desperately wanted. I could not put my finger on it. Sometimes when I watched certain men at the office, I’d be lost in a daydream. I wished that my Prince Charming would arrive on his white horse to carry me away. Hell, I’d even settle for a hunk in a nice BMW. See? I’m not really that picky, am I? Sadly, at the end of the day, it was always back to my apartment and a movie I had seen many times before, or an old TV rerun.”

The above is a quote from Tina McIntyre. A young woman, having vast wealth at her fingertips. Possessing a spectacular apartment, a housekeeper and bodyguard. A fantastic job for a great boss; a beautiful car. In short, everything a woman could want, except the things that mattered most to her: happiness, family, and that mythical thing she missed to the depth of her soul. Companionship and love with a man who could share her life and future.

“I would have given my entire fortune to have my parents back or not have been raped. I felt degraded, worthless, alone. Through it all, Larry [her boss] was understanding and gave me that extra time to grieve which I so desperately needed. He was truly the best boss ever. Focusing my energies on work allowed me to keep my sanity, and my pride intact.”

Then, one day, she met the man of her dreams. If I recall correctly it was on a Tuesday. Yes, she was riding into work, the clouds were roiling in from the Gulf of Mexico. Rain threatened. She had a business luncheon with her boss and some construction supervisor. By the end of that luncheon she planned to have both of them eating out of hands and a big promotion in the bag. Instead:

“I curled my fingers inside his palm and made no effort to release my hand from his grip. My fingers felt so natural inside his hand; my entire body relaxed, the knot in my stomach disappeared. Strange visions of trips in the country together with Cliff; I could see us in a boat, alone together. I was sitting on the back cushion, I patted the place beside me, he walked to me and kissed my lips…. Ohhhhhh….”

Find out the true story, and what happens in Tina’s life when that vision of her future comes true. How she must give up Everything to make it happen. Her money, her apartment, her staff. All are stripped away in a desperate decision that leaves her at the mercy of the three men who are trying to kill her.

YouTube video promo: Rising from the Ashes       Click on the ‘Look Inside’ link above the book cover and enjoy a thrilling sample. Then select either a Kindle ebook; soft-cover; or hardback to indulge your mind in this thrilling and erotic Romance/Thriller from the desk of Marchela Wells.



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