Finding love at a restaurant #women’sFiction

“Finally, I found the selections of salads and decided that this would be my safest choice. I put some lettuce on a cold plate, a few sliced tomatoes wedges; a smattering of black olives; three slices of cucumber, and then added a glob of ranch dressing on the side. The plate rattled on the tray as I turned and walked back over to our table. I struggled to keep it level and not spill.

I hoped the salad would keep my stomach from growling. I prayed that I would be able to eat it and hold it in my stomach.

As I approached the table I could hear a few snatches of their conversation and my name whispered several times. Cliff stood from his seat again, walked around and adjusted my chair for me as I sat down.

I looked up at him, “Thank you.” I moaned, his eyes spoke silently to my inner core.

God, he was even more handsome this close to me.’”

Tina McIntyre has just discovered the overwhelming power of love. It was unexpected; overpowering; disturbing; and thrilling. Having lived without love for so many years, when it arrives she is unable to recognize it.

Tina is a lady with a hidden secret; wrapped in a web of lies and unbelievable psychological damage. Unable to relate to men in even the smallest way. All the time, her mind yearns for that which she sees in so many other women she works with: Happiness; fulfillment; joy; but most of all companionship. She has her own staff; a housekeeper and a driver/bodyguard. But they do not provide that one thing that her spirit yearns for at night.

Someone to share her dreams; to give her what she desires: family; children; most of all love. Then one day, on her way to a routine business luncheon it happens. Her body knows it the moment that she sees him walking toward her. Her body straightens on the seat of the truck. Her nose drinks in his wonderful smell. Her heart skips a beat as his smile awakens something within her that she has never known: Desire.

Here’s a YouTube video promo: Rising from the Ashes

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Check it out. You won’t regret your decision. Tina and Cliff face many challenges on their road to happiness. The greatest of these being James Payne. Find out who and what he is in the dramatic Prologue to this fast paced story.

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