An orphan amid a sea of millions of humans, none of whom cared for me. #RomanceThriller

“Four years ago, shortly after I started at Tilden Enterprises, Larry brought two representatives from Vacation Airlines to my office. I could tell from the expression on all of their faces that it was bad news. But the news was far worse than I could have ever believed. Both my parents had died in a plane crash. They had been on their way to the South Sea Islands to celebrate their fortieth wedding anniversary. I had seen them off at the airport. At first, I refused to believe them. It was all a terrible mistake. It was not possible that was the last time I would ever see them. “NO!” I screamed and collapsed back into my chair. These were the only two people in the world gave me love. Now, they were gone. I was now truly alone. An orphan amid a sea of millions of humans, none of whom cared for me.”

Tina McIntyre, age 33, alone, unloved, desperate. She has $75 million dollars in the bank, but has nothing of value to her. Not her jewels, not her expensive car, not her exclusive apartment, nothing. The only thing remaining to her are vague dreams of someone to share her life with. Someone with a family who will let her have friends away from work. Someone, somewhere. But where? When? Who?

She goes on few dates, afraid of men because of what 3 boys did to her when she was 16. No they will NEVER do that to her again. “the last guy I had dated who had unexpectedly shoved his hand down my blouse and felt my breasts. GOD! Men, that’s ALL they want from me.”

Then, one magical Tuesday, her boss takes her on a lunch date with the Construction Supervisor of the new office tower her company is building. From the moment their eyes meet, sparks fly, and Tina’s life seems ready to be reborn. But then, three mysterious men suddenly begin to invade her life. Planting a bomb in her building, setting off a car-bomb at the new office tower.

YouTube video promo                    Rising from the Ashes – Marchela Wells         follow the ‘Look Inside’ link to read a preview of this exciting new novel set in Houston, TX.



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