Patience can lead to lasting love #AdultRomance #EroticRomance #RomanceThriller

Searching for the right soul-mate can be daunting. Tina must wait for that magical moment for seventeen years. Men are not on her radar scope. She avoids them like the plague. The memories that she hides within her past are of violence, pain and despair. Even the $75 million dollars in her bank account means nothing to her.

Tina is a strong willed executive assistant with a large Houston real-estate firm. She knows what she wants in life, but has nearly given up her search. She is well past the years when girls meet their husbands, get married and have children. Those years have passed her by, but not without leaving a large hole in her heart. The few men that she has dated are all dull, boring and seem to be only interested in one thing: getting into her underwear as soon as possible. Men are disgusting, evil creatures. Their only interest is in taking what they want from her, leaving her in pain and loneliness.

At age 33 she decides to devote her life to her work, having little hope of finding the happiness that she sees in so many women’s lives where she works. They have husbands that love and treasure them; children they adore; family life that enriches their souls. Tina has a housekeeper and a driver/bodyguard.

Then, one day, someone comes into her life that fills up every crack and crevice that she never knew existed in her soul. His name is Cliff. But to hold and keep him by her side she finds that she must give up everything she has known to protect herself and her new found love from the three men who caused her pain 17 years before. They invade her life with car-bombs, violent car chases and finally kidnapping her newly found love.

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