Unexpected love, unexpected terror #romanceThriller #eroticRomance #AdultRomance

Looking for love in all the wrong places. Tina McIntyre has spent all of her adult life avoiding men like the plague. A brutal assault at age 16 has left her damaged and unable to relate to men as things of romantic interest.

Tina graduated 2nd in her class in Business Administration and has worked very hard to achieve success in life. It’s not really necessary for her, she has $75 million in the bank. But the painful memories of her assault and then her parents deaths have left her with too many painful memories of where the money came from to be of any use to her.

She endures a lonely existence, save for her housekeeper and driver/bodyguard, she is alone. No living relatives to call on to cheer her feelings. At night she tosses and turns with vague dreams of finding a Prince Charming to awaken her body and soul with a love she so desperately needs. Instead, most nights, it’s a rerun of an old TV episode or maybe a movie she’s seen 20 times before.

But tomorrow always holds out promise. Tomorrow she has been invited to her first business luncheon with her boss and some guy… what was his name? Oh, Yeah. Cliff something-or-other. But they’ll probably take her to some boring burger bar or run down chicken shack for a greasy snack. Another boring day in her boring life. Oh, well. Let’s see what tomorrow brings. Maybe she can figure out a way to get her name in front of the company who-ha’s and get that promotion she’s been wanting. Yes, tomorrow will be a better day. Or… maybe the day after tomorrow. …or someday. Sigh.

Rising from the Ashes                 YouTube video promo

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Available in Kindle or Nook ebook; soft-cover; hard-back.


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