This is the one, if you loved 50 Shades #kindle #EroticRomance

Are you looking for a story that is the reverse of 50 Shades of Grey? I mean, where the girl has the cash, and the guy is a regular bloke. If so, then this is it.

Tina is devastated by two tragedies in her life. First, she was assaulted by 3 boys when she was age 16. Second – 12 years later her parents die in a plane crash. From the first event, her parents win her a 20 million dollar civil award. From the second, a class action lawsuit dumps 30 million into her bank account.

If that were me, I could find lots of things on which to blow the money. Fancy cars, exotic vacations, my own plane, etc. Tina, not so much. She can’t touch the first money because it would make her feel like a whore being paid for a trick. The later money represents the blood of her parents. So all of it languishes in her bank accounts.

Well, not exactly languish, since it’s invested in stocks and bonds, but she can never touch it herself. It only represents painful memories. For 17 years it accumulates until today it’s worth over 70 million dollars.

What she needs in her life is something that money cannot buy. Something that she has avoided for those 17 years. She has a bodyguard and a housekeeper. She has a great job, and makes a good salary. What she wants is that promotion to VP opening at her company.

Her boss is dragging her along on a business luncheon with some dull Construction Manager. Perhaps her newly devised floor plan sketches of the new office tower being built she can get the who-ha’s to notice her. Yep, by the end of this lunch both these guys will be eating our of her hands. That VP slot will be hers.

US Review of Books: This initial offering features a steamy romance, danger and a thrilling climax, seen through the eyes of a woman capable of both fighting evil and yielding to love.

Rising from the Ashes     50 second YouTube promo.

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