Searching for Love #kindle #Romance

Tina McIntyre’s search for happiness is long and unrewarding. Most girls find the man who fills their life with the joy when they are in their late teens or early twenties. Tina found violence and pain at age 16.

For seventeen years she hides from life behind a facade of school and work. By age 29 she lands a high-paying and important job as an Executive Assistant for a VP at Tilden Industries in Houston. Her boss is considerate and makes every effort to be a mentor and friend. When her parents die in a plane crash, he shields her tears from co-workers. He gives her difficult and important assignments that might help her to advance within the company.

Tina’s most important task to-date is handling nearly every detail of a new contract that her company is bidding on. She works hard and irons out nearly every detail. at the last minute, with the possibility of winning the contract the owners of the company assign her boss the task of locating 100 employees to handle the contract, in a new company office tower which is under construction.

She has less than two hours to complete the details. Frustrated and anxious she obtains the blueprints for the tower and struggles to make the changes. But will her work be accepted? Is she able to come up with a plan that the company will accept? If so, her name could be first in line for the new VP slot opening up to run this new division.

She only has to convince some construction manager she has never met over a business luncheon that same day. But when the two meet, the plans for the tower are no longer important. She is flustered and confused from the moment he appears. His eyes hold her spellbound. His touch sends her senses reeling. Tina’s one and only thought is to feel his lips pressed against hers. Will she make it through the meeting and succeed in her efforts? Or will the men who assaulted her 17 years before, tear her life apart before she finds love.

find out in this exciting new Romance-Thriller”

Rising from the Ashes – YouTube promo

Available in ebook (Kindle/Nook/PDF) soft-cover or hardback from these fine retailers.         Barnes &       Books-a-Million

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