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Many years ago my wife purchased the complete VHS set of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice staring Jennifer Ehle and Colin Firth as a Christmas gift. I was busy and was unfamiliar with this story. The videos sat on my bookshelf, unopened and unwatched.

One day, about six months later, I decided to take the plunge and extracted the first video from its case. I shoved it into my VHS player and sat back prepared to be bored. From the opening credits I was captivated. I love historical romance, you see, and this is a period piece set in roughly the year 1811/1812. I vaguely recall reading Sense and Sensibility when I was in college but this one had escaped my notice.

Day after day for the next several months I watched the videos over and over. I absorbed every frame. Finally the VHS tapes began to wear out. I decided to purchase a DVD player and ordered the DVD from Amazon.com, rush delivery. The video quality was much improved. I continued to watch the videos over and over. I think that I drove my wife mad. When the Blu-Ray edition came out I ordered that, and was pleased that the video quality was even improved over the DVD.

After hundreds of views, I then purchased all of the other movies that had been made of Jane Austen novels. I created and wrote a number of short stories based on ‘missing scenes’ from P&P and posted them to a web-site Pemberly.com.  Other people, mostly women and young girls also wrote stories and posted them there. Many of those stories are wonderful creations by imaginative authors.

Last  year, after having been retired for several years I decided to create my own Romance novel and that is how Rising from the Ashes by pen-name Marchela Wells was created.

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Can a woman recover from a brutal assault? #adultRomance #goodreads

A young sophomore cheerleader is assaulted at an away football game. The resulting trauma causes her to avoid dating and men completely for decades. She abandons her Faith, and struggles to maintain her sanity and survive. Finally, during her junior year in college she sets her sights on entering the business world. Graduating 2nd in her class she soon embarks on a successful career as an Executive Assistant for several large Real Estate companies around the city of Houston, Texas.

When she sets her sights on a promotion to Vice President she is given an assignment that leads her discovering a path to the joy and happiness that she had yearned for as a child. But danger looms from her past, colliding with those dreams. Over the years she has prepared for such but will they be enough?

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Surviving an sexual assault#kindle #eroticRomance

Christina is a sixteen-year-old sophomore in High School. She is brilliant, studies hard and is popular with the other girls. Her dreams for the future include love, happiness, a nice husband, and maybe children, if she’s lucky. She is a member of the HS cheerleader squad and, as such, gets to attend all of the football games, at home and away.

One cold December night, at an away game she is brutally assaulted by three boys. That assault destroys all of her hopes and dreams for the future. She looses her faith in God; avoids and is repulsed by any boy, and later men, who attempt to befriend and take her on dates. It takes years of counseling to help overcome her fears.

That is, until one day, seventeen years later when she has to be a tag-along with her boss on a business luncheon with the construction manager of the new home office tower her company is having built. That meeting sets off a string of events that will provide her not only with everything that she has ever dreamed of having, but also put her in the sights of the three boys, now men, who return with their minds set on her destruction.

She will have to use every tool at her disposal to keep the new man in her life, and avoid certain death at the hands of her arch-enemies.

Here’s a YouTube promo to wet  your interest: Rising from the Ashes

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