Surviving an sexual assault#kindle #eroticRomance

Christina is a sixteen-year-old sophomore in High School. She is brilliant, studies hard and is popular with the other girls. Her dreams for the future include love, happiness, a nice husband, and maybe children, if she’s lucky. She is a member of the HS cheerleader squad and, as such, gets to attend all of the football games, at home and away.

One cold December night, at an away game she is brutally assaulted by three boys. That assault destroys all of her hopes and dreams for the future. She looses her faith in God; avoids and is repulsed by any boy, and later men, who attempt to befriend and take her on dates. It takes years of counseling to help overcome her fears.

That is, until one day, seventeen years later when she has to be a tag-along with her boss on a business luncheon with the construction manager of the new home office tower her company is having built. That meeting sets off a string of events that will provide her not only with everything that she has ever dreamed of having, but also put her in the sights of the three boys, now men, who return with their minds set on her destruction.

She will have to use every tool at her disposal to keep the new man in her life, and avoid certain death at the hands of her arch-enemies.

Here’s a YouTube promo to wet  your interest: Rising from the Ashes

Here’s a link to my website where the novel is available in either ebook; soft-cover, or hardback: You will find a link to some preview text as well as professional reviews.

Here’s a link to one such professional review:

San Francisco Book Review

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