Can a woman recover from a brutal assault? #adultRomance #goodreads

A young sophomore cheerleader is assaulted at an away football game. The resulting trauma causes her to avoid dating and men completely for decades. She abandons her Faith, and struggles to maintain her sanity and survive. Finally, during her junior year in college she sets her sights on entering the business world. Graduating 2nd in her class she soon embarks on a successful career as an Executive Assistant for several large Real Estate companies around the city of Houston, Texas.

When she sets her sights on a promotion to Vice President she is given an assignment that leads her discovering a path to the joy and happiness that she had yearned for as a child. But danger looms from her past, colliding with those dreams. Over the years she has prepared for such but will they be enough?

here’s a YouTube promo: Rising from the Ashes video

Here’s my website where you can read several different professional reviews, as well as a several chapter excerpt.

Marchela Wells books

If you enjoy the story, don’t forget to go to and post a Reader’s Review. That’s how aspiring authors get noticed. The more reviews the better.

thanks for your time.



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