The Billionaire’s Romance #mustreads #AdultRomance

A few months ago I ran across a story by Lily Zante titled: The Billionaire’s Romance. It is published on Amazon in a series of 3 sets of 3 novels each. The story is about a young woman, Savannah Page, and her son Jacob.

Savannah is divorced from a man who was abusive and violent towards her. She has fled from that relationship and moved, first to her parents home, then to an Aunt, finally to NYC in an attempt to find a better life for herself.

A chance encounter at Christmas time by her son Jacob with Tobias Stone at an event for disadvantaged children opens up a new world of opportunities and a chance for healing and love.

Tobias is rich beyond dreams, but suffering from the loss of his own wife years before and is searching for something or someone who can fill the void in his heart. In a touching scene at the opening of the story, Tobias sees Jacob outside the store looking in at the wonderful toys. In Jacob, Tobias sees himself when he was  young and had little at Christmas. Inviting the child inside and offering him a toy of his choice forms the basis for a relationship that offers healing to his own heart.

I highly recommend this series of novels to all readers who want to read a great love story.

The first set of 3 novels, The Gift, is available as a Kindle download from The characters are introduced  as Savannah takes a job at Stone Enterprises which leads her to a friendship with the owner and an enemy in his PA. Small steps towards love are taken, only to be horribly disrupted by a terrible misunderstanding.

The Gift

The second set in this series, The Offer, is also available as a Kindle download. Tobias must struggle to redeem himself for his mistake and somehow convince Savannah that she can trust him. This is no small order as Tobias must humble himself if he is ever to win her heart. All the while Tobias must deal with relationships within his own company and dealings with businesses in Hong Kong and California.

The Offer

The third and final set, The Vow, concludes this wonderful and thrilling romance. Savannah’s x-husband nearly destroys the bonds between the two and Tobias must prove that he is able to protect not only Savannah, but her small son Jacob. In the end Tobias discovers that the very people he trusted most are the ones who can do the worst damage.

The Vow

The story is so gripping and real that I only wish that that this collection was available in print format. I would dearly love to add it to my collection and would be proud to have it displayed on my library shelf. I can guarantee that you will not be disappointed and will treasure this story in your heart of hearts.


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