My Daughter in Ashes #eroticRomance #mustreads

Be on the look-out for the second novel in my ‘Ashes’ trilogy. It’s scheduled for release shortly.

My Daughter in Ashes is the story of a young girl who makes ALL of the wrong choices. She desperately wants to be one of the ‘in-crowd’. You know, be pretty, have a boy-friend. Oh, that last bit about a boy-friend. No luck there. Her entire junior and senior high years have been a desert waste land. She attended a Junior college in high hopes of improving on that score. No such luck.

Now, she’s a Junior at a four-year college and determined to resolve the problem. She decides to join a sorority. Her bids at the first two are failures. But this time, she resolves that NOTHING will stop her. She will say or DO anything to gain entry. It’s her last hope for getting that mystical boy-friend. But when she attends the Final Exam Test what she discovers is something that could not possibly be true.

But, no matter. She has resolved so she must go through with the test. Find out what she’s required to do and what happens to her life as a result of this fateful decision.

In the meantime, if you haven’t read the first in this trilogy here’s a link to my web-site where you can obtain the first novel: Rising from the Ashes.

ebook: $3.99;  soft-cover: $19.99;  hardback: $29.99

Marchela Wells books


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