Happily ever after, well, for a little while at least. #AdultRomance #RomanceThriller

Rising from the Ashes is the first novel in a new trilogy by author Marchela Wells. The story begins with a violent gang assault for a sixteen-year-old high school sophomore cheerleader. Her childhood dreams of love, romance and happily ever after destroyed one cold December night at a away-football game.

Christina McIntyre finds her life laying in ashes at her feet. Impregnated during the assault she descends into a deep depression. Her nights are filled with nightmare memories of the assault. Her days are filled with the embarrassment of her stomach expanding and other girls laughing behind her back.

She shortens her name to Tina, knowing that there is little in life left for her to hope for. She changes schools, gives the baby girl up for adoption and struggles to set what remains of her life on auto-pilot. Graduating from college, second in her class, she finds work as an Executive Assistant. Several jobs later she lands a coveted job with one of Houston’s largest Real Estate firms. Tragedy continues to dog her heels, when news is received of her parents death in a tragic plane accident.

Orphaned, alone, no relatives to look to, she moves into a beautiful high-rise pent-house and hires a housekeeper and bodyguard. Four years later, at age thirty-three her dreams are filled with longing for the companionship that a prince charming might bring. But there is no one at her work, or other places that she visits which offer any solace.

One day, her boss takes her along on a business luncheon. The man that she meets that day sparks an unknown feeling in her heart and sends her body into a wild tailspin.

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Coming soon: the exciting erotic follow-on novel in this series: My Daughter in Ashes.