Can a woman recover from a brutal assault? #adultRomance #goodreads

A young sophomore cheerleader is assaulted at an away football game. The resulting trauma causes her to avoid dating and men completely for decades. She abandons her Faith, and struggles to maintain her sanity and survive. Finally, during her junior year in college she sets her sights on entering the business world. Graduating 2nd in her class she soon embarks on a successful career as an Executive Assistant for several large Real Estate companies around the city of Houston, Texas.

When she sets her sights on a promotion to Vice President she is given an assignment that leads her discovering a path to the joy and happiness that she had yearned for as a child. But danger looms from her past, colliding with those dreams. Over the years she has prepared for such but will they be enough?

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Surviving an sexual assault#kindle #eroticRomance

Christina is a sixteen-year-old sophomore in High School. She is brilliant, studies hard and is popular with the other girls. Her dreams for the future include love, happiness, a nice husband, and maybe children, if she’s lucky. She is a member of the HS cheerleader squad and, as such, gets to attend all of the football games, at home and away.

One cold December night, at an away game she is brutally assaulted by three boys. That assault destroys all of her hopes and dreams for the future. She looses her faith in God; avoids and is repulsed by any boy, and later men, who attempt to befriend and take her on dates. It takes years of counseling to help overcome her fears.

That is, until one day, seventeen years later when she has to be a tag-along with her boss on a business luncheon with the construction manager of the new home office tower her company is having built. That meeting sets off a string of events that will provide her not only with everything that she has ever dreamed of having, but also put her in the sights of the three boys, now men, who return with their minds set on her destruction.

She will have to use every tool at her disposal to keep the new man in her life, and avoid certain death at the hands of her arch-enemies.

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Searching for Love #kindle #Romance

Tina McIntyre’s search for happiness is long and unrewarding. Most girls find the man who fills their life with the joy when they are in their late teens or early twenties. Tina found violence and pain at age 16.

For seventeen years she hides from life behind a facade of school and work. By age 29 she lands a high-paying and important job as an Executive Assistant for a VP at Tilden Industries in Houston. Her boss is considerate and makes every effort to be a mentor and friend. When her parents die in a plane crash, he shields her tears from co-workers. He gives her difficult and important assignments that might help her to advance within the company.

Tina’s most important task to-date is handling nearly every detail of a new contract that her company is bidding on. She works hard and irons out nearly every detail. at the last minute, with the possibility of winning the contract the owners of the company assign her boss the task of locating 100 employees to handle the contract, in a new company office tower which is under construction.

She has less than two hours to complete the details. Frustrated and anxious she obtains the blueprints for the tower and struggles to make the changes. But will her work be accepted? Is she able to come up with a plan that the company will accept? If so, her name could be first in line for the new VP slot opening up to run this new division.

She only has to convince some construction manager she has never met over a business luncheon that same day. But when the two meet, the plans for the tower are no longer important. She is flustered and confused from the moment he appears. His eyes hold her spellbound. His touch sends her senses reeling. Tina’s one and only thought is to feel his lips pressed against hers. Will she make it through the meeting and succeed in her efforts? Or will the men who assaulted her 17 years before, tear her life apart before she finds love.

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This is the one, if you loved 50 Shades #kindle #EroticRomance

Are you looking for a story that is the reverse of 50 Shades of Grey? I mean, where the girl has the cash, and the guy is a regular bloke. If so, then this is it.

Tina is devastated by two tragedies in her life. First, she was assaulted by 3 boys when she was age 16. Second – 12 years later her parents die in a plane crash. From the first event, her parents win her a 20 million dollar civil award. From the second, a class action lawsuit dumps 30 million into her bank account.

If that were me, I could find lots of things on which to blow the money. Fancy cars, exotic vacations, my own plane, etc. Tina, not so much. She can’t touch the first money because it would make her feel like a whore being paid for a trick. The later money represents the blood of her parents. So all of it languishes in her bank accounts.

Well, not exactly languish, since it’s invested in stocks and bonds, but she can never touch it herself. It only represents painful memories. For 17 years it accumulates until today it’s worth over 70 million dollars.

What she needs in her life is something that money cannot buy. Something that she has avoided for those 17 years. She has a bodyguard and a housekeeper. She has a great job, and makes a good salary. What she wants is that promotion to VP opening at her company.

Her boss is dragging her along on a business luncheon with some dull Construction Manager. Perhaps her newly devised floor plan sketches of the new office tower being built she can get the who-ha’s to notice her. Yep, by the end of this lunch both these guys will be eating our of her hands. That VP slot will be hers.

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Erotic tale of love and danger #erotic Romance #Erotic Thriller

Tina McIntyre found love only after having her entire world destroyed. Then, after having found love gave everything that she owned and possessed away.

How was her world destroyed?

I was born Christina Laura McIntyre, but that was a name that belonged to another person in another time. Now, it’s Tina, because Tina would never allow those boys or even men to violate her that way again. Christina did fight back, but lost the struggle that terrible night seventeen years ago. Tina was born when Christina died. Do I remember that night? There is not even one second of that terrible night that I can ever forget.

Why did she give everything away that she owned and possessed?

Realization dawned on me at last that in my own life I must surrender everything to him. I must lay myself bare at his feet. My livelihood, my fortune, my possessions. They meant nothing to me. I must give everything up in my present life in order to salvage my future one. I must depend on him for the food that I eat, the clothes that I wear, my safety and my very life.

Nothing less would be sufficient to demonstrate how deeply that I loved him, trusted him, and wanted and needed to share his life. This would be the price I must pay to redeem myself. Nothing less than total surrender, body and soul. I would strip myself naked of everything in my life and lay it at his feet.

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Unexpected love, unexpected terror #romanceThriller #eroticRomance #AdultRomance

Looking for love in all the wrong places. Tina McIntyre has spent all of her adult life avoiding men like the plague. A brutal assault at age 16 has left her damaged and unable to relate to men as things of romantic interest.

Tina graduated 2nd in her class in Business Administration and has worked very hard to achieve success in life. It’s not really necessary for her, she has $75 million in the bank. But the painful memories of her assault and then her parents deaths have left her with too many painful memories of where the money came from to be of any use to her.

She endures a lonely existence, save for her housekeeper and driver/bodyguard, she is alone. No living relatives to call on to cheer her feelings. At night she tosses and turns with vague dreams of finding a Prince Charming to awaken her body and soul with a love she so desperately needs. Instead, most nights, it’s a rerun of an old TV episode or maybe a movie she’s seen 20 times before.

But tomorrow always holds out promise. Tomorrow she has been invited to her first business luncheon with her boss and some guy… what was his name? Oh, Yeah. Cliff something-or-other. But they’ll probably take her to some boring burger bar or run down chicken shack for a greasy snack. Another boring day in her boring life. Oh, well. Let’s see what tomorrow brings. Maybe she can figure out a way to get her name in front of the company who-ha’s and get that promotion she’s been wanting. Yes, tomorrow will be a better day. Or… maybe the day after tomorrow. …or someday. Sigh.

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Patience can lead to lasting love #AdultRomance #EroticRomance #RomanceThriller

Searching for the right soul-mate can be daunting. Tina must wait for that magical moment for seventeen years. Men are not on her radar scope. She avoids them like the plague. The memories that she hides within her past are of violence, pain and despair. Even the $75 million dollars in her bank account means nothing to her.

Tina is a strong willed executive assistant with a large Houston real-estate firm. She knows what she wants in life, but has nearly given up her search. She is well past the years when girls meet their husbands, get married and have children. Those years have passed her by, but not without leaving a large hole in her heart. The few men that she has dated are all dull, boring and seem to be only interested in one thing: getting into her underwear as soon as possible. Men are disgusting, evil creatures. Their only interest is in taking what they want from her, leaving her in pain and loneliness.

At age 33 she decides to devote her life to her work, having little hope of finding the happiness that she sees in so many women’s lives where she works. They have husbands that love and treasure them; children they adore; family life that enriches their souls. Tina has a housekeeper and a driver/bodyguard.

Then, one day, someone comes into her life that fills up every crack and crevice that she never knew existed in her soul. His name is Cliff. But to hold and keep him by her side she finds that she must give up everything she has known to protect herself and her new found love from the three men who caused her pain 17 years before. They invade her life with car-bombs, violent car chases and finally kidnapping her newly found love.

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